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3M Respirator

Half and Full Face Respirators
Enviro Safety Products carries a wide variety of respirators including half and full face masks. These are made from high quality silicone rubber and can accommodate various filters and cartridges that can be replaced with ease. If you don’t want to purchase a bunch of different things, we have complete respirator assemblies in both the half face and full face varieties that include all that you need to keep yourself protected.

Respiratory hazards are inherent in many workplaces, and as an employer, it’s your responsibility to mitigate risk and keep your employees safe. You’re also held to the strict standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Finding the right 3M respiratory protection for your workplace can be tough, because you need something that allows your workforce to perform at their maximum potential while keeping them safe. At Enviro Safety Products, we carry a huge selection of 3M respiratory protection, including full-face respirators, half-face respirators and filters.

3M 6000-Series Respirators

Economical, lightweight and providing extreme coverage, 3M 6000-series respirators can give your employees the protection they need while allowing them to do their jobs. Ideal for use with pesticides, paint spray, dust and sanding, and asbestos abatement, the 3M 6000-series respirators offer both safety and comfort. They can be worn with chemical coveralls and many types of hearing protection without hindering employee performance.

OSHA outlines general industry, shipyard and construction standards for respiratory protection in 29 CFR 1910.134. Subsection (a)(2) says that employers are responsible for providing adequate respiratory protection to each employee subjected to inherent workplace hazards—and 3M respirators are OSHA-approved when they are properly used in the appropriate environments.

Part of your responsibility also includes implementing an in-depth respiratory protection program, complete with training on all required PPE. Since 3M respiratory protection is generally easy to use and maintain, you can simplify your program and meet all OSHA mandates by choosing the right equipment.

At Enviro Safety Products , we offer several 3M 6000-series half-face respirators and full-face respirators, so you can get exactly what your employees need. You can help prevent respiratory system damage and stay OSHA-compliant when you choose products from our extensive catalog.

3M Respiratory Protection: Top Quality at Affordable Prices

Many employers are concerned about workplace safety but have to stick to a budget. That’s why 3M respiratory protection is the smart business owner’s choice—it provides maximum protection and it’s cost-effective. Replacement parts, available through Enviro Safety Products, are easy for users to install and test, and help employers save money without cutting corners in important areas.