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Coated Gloves

Coated gloves offer a unique solution to many people’s hand protection needs. The coating on the outside of the glove provides substantial protection against a number of hazards. The versatility of coated gloves is what makes them an attractive option for many. The lining found inside some coated gloves can provide insulation; the coating material creates a level of chemical resistance; and the texture of the glove can improve your grip. Shop our wide selection to find your new pair of coated gloves today.

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Why go with a fully coated glove?

The benefits of a fully coated glove are numerous, especially for the budget-minded buyer. A coated glove can come with a nitrile, PVC or latex coating (among others) – and each material offers different properties. One of the benefits of latex, for example, is that it is extremely flexible and allows for dexterous hand movements.

Most coated gloves are designed to offer basic protection against cuts, abrasions and chemical exposure. The level of protection your glove provides will largely depend on the thickness of the coating. Typically, the thicker the coating, the more resistant it is to chemicals, cuts and abrasions. However, if you’re looking to maintain dexterity in your hands while wearing your gloves, you should opt for a thinner coating.

Some coated gloves also offer added ventilation through the use of an open cuff. This feature makes it easier to put the glove on and take it off. A nylon vented back, which is found on some coated gloves, is another excellent option to improve breathability and increase comfort when the glove is worn. In terms of fitment, coated gloves come in a range of sizes and can stretch to fit well onto the wearer’s hands, resulting in a snug fit.

Comparing fully coated gloves to other coated options

Coated gloves usually come in two varieties. Fully coated gloves are entirely covered with protective coating material. This Fully Coated Predalite glove by Memphis Glove is an excellent example. There are also partially coated gloves, which have the coating material on a portion of the glove. The PowerGrab Thermo Winter glove is an example of partial coating. In some cases, this offers several advantages: you can improve breathability by having less of the glove be covered in the coating; you can improve your movement within the glove by having more fabric material and less coating; and with less coating, the glove will typically be cheaper. A fully coated glove also means that the wearer receives multiple levels of protection from the coating, the in-between layer of material and the glove liner (when applicable). The coating material on these gloves can be textured roughly in order to create a better gripping surface on the outside of the glove. This, in turn, can improve your gripping abilities when it comes to slippery, odd-shaped or wet objects. This Insulated Nitrile Cut & Sewn Work Glove by Memphis Glove offers unbeatable durability, among other features.

Why you should go fully coated versus other gloves

Part of the allure of a coated glove is its cost-to-feature ratio. A coated glove has many of the benefits of a more expensive glove, but without the added costs. This is an attractive prospect to many, and for good reason. Why overpay for features that you may not necessarily need?

As a rule of thumb, coated gloves offer excellent general protection from a range of dangers. No matter if you need to protect yourself from cuts, abrasions or chemicals, a fully coated glove has the potential to meet all of the demands of your workplace. Not everyone will have a need for a glove that can protect against needle punctures. As such, there’s no sense in paying for such a feature when a fully coated glove may already offer all of the features you need.

Who should use fully coated gloves?

Choosing a fully coated glove option usually comes down to your needs. If you find that basic protection from cuts, abrasions, chemicals and other dangers is sufficient, then these gloves are often a logical choice. But, if you have more specific needs that fall outside of the capabilities of these gloves, you may want to look at some of the other work gloves we offer.

What do fully coated gloves protect against?

Mainly, fully coated gloves are designed to protect against basic hazards that may be found around the average work environment. These gloves aren’t meant to be a specialized solution to any particular danger. Instead, they offer well-rounded hand protection.

Why shop with us?

Our selection of work gloves is unmatched. Our customers have remained loyal to us over the years largely because of the excellent prices, promotions and customer service we offer. All of our gloves come in a wide array of sizes to fit the smallest and the largest hands. We don’t make your buying experience complicated at Enviro Safety Products; instead, we simply aim to make you happy. After you receive your order, you’ll see why our customers keep coming back. Check out our additional selection of safety gear like these safety glasses and goggles to keep safe on the job.