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Leather Welding Clothing

Leather Welding Clothing

Our heavy-duty welding leather clothing is made from premium heavy side split cow leather. Chrome tanned to assure softness and durability while resisting heat, sparks, slag and cuts. All seams are double lock stitched and sewn with Kevlar thread. Our entire selection of welding clothing is riveted in all major stress points and snaps are anodized to prevent arc flashback.

Spatter Protection - Spatter is caused when the weld metal crosses the arc. Heavy spatter will burn through lightweight clothes, but not leather welding clothing. Most severe burns are caused not by the original arc or flame, but by ignited clothing. Synthetic materials can melt on skin, causing serious damage. It is highly recommended that leather welding clothing such as aprons, sleeves and jackets be utilized to provide maximum protection against spatter, sparks or radiation. Wearing dark colors is also helpful because they reduce the amount of reflected light under the face shield.


According to ANSI Z49.1.88-Welding and Cutting (4.3) appropriate protective clothing for any welding and cutting operation will vary with the size, nature, and location of the work to be performed. Clothing shall provide sufficient coverage and be made of suitable materials to minimize skin burns caused by sparks, spatter, or radiation.

OSHA 1910.132(a) sets forth the following requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). Protective equipment such as eye, face, head and body protection shall be provided and used wherever work related hazards are capable of causing injury.Such hazards include, but are not limited to chemical or thermal burns, radiation, cuts and scrapes. For more information, check out our welding safety page.

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