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Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles


Safety eyewear and safety goggles are an absolute necessity when it comes to protecting your eyes from harm. We’re a proud distributor of all types of safety glasses from the best brands like Uvex, Pyramex, AOSafety, Crews, Dewalt, Edge, Gateway

We offer many different solutions for whatever your needs may be at budget-friendly prices. Whether you’re working with lasers or outside hunting, it’s mandatory that eye protection be worn. Enviro Safety carries cheap protective eyewear that includes adult and child safety glasses, sizes for small faces, bifocal glasses for reading, eye protection for military and tactical purposes, safety glasses made to be worn over prescription glasses, varieties that are polarized and much more.


Purchasing inexpensive glasses from us doesn’t mean they are made with cheap materials. We only stock the best brands that meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact requirements. OSHA’s requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) say that all employees that are exposed to occupational hazards must wear PPE for head, face, eyes and extremities.

We have the best selection of Safety Eyewear that protect from impact of flying debris and dust in the workplace. Our protective eyewear meets ANSI standards for high impact protection. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires workers that are exposed to occupational hazards, wear protective eye glasses to prevent injury. A pair could save you from thousands of dollars in medical expenses, but more importantly, your VISION. 

We carry safety eyewear from today's leading manufacturers, including Radians, Peltor, Pyramex, Uvex, AO Safety and Wiley X. No matter what your industry or application is, we have the right pair of eye protection specifically designed for you.

Looking for cheap safety glasses? We carry those too, check out our selection here.

Browse through our selection of safety goggles for those working around liquids and require protection from splashes and vapors.

We also carry Children's Safety Glasses and Women's Safety Glasses that are specifically designed to meet the size and head shape of women and children.