Womens Safety Glasses

Look no further, these women's safety glasses are calling your name! You don't have to be stuck wearing safety glasses that don't fit your face. Our women's safety glasses are designed to give women the look, comfort and protection they deserve. Feminine styles and colors are paired with smaller frames from manufacturers you trust like Wiley X and Pyramex.


Women are Protected Too

We stock women's safety glasses that meet ANSI Z87+ high impact standards, also while protecting against harmful UV rays at the same time.  Women's safety glasses also have a hard coat over the lens to help protect against scratches and will extend the life of your glasses.

A Style Women Will Enjoy

Look stylish with safety glasses that look and feel like designer glasses.  Choose between gradient lenses or cheeta print frames.  Our glasses feature a wrap around style that will fit comfortably and give your eyes maximum protection.

For Work or Play

Since women's safety glasses have a contemporary look, they are not only meant for use at work.  Wear them while taking a drive through the country-side, or while your are laying out by the pool.  No one will notice that you are wearing safety glasses and not a designer brand.

Not what you're looking for?  Check out our large stock of safety glasses and goggles in a variety of styles and lens tints.

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OSHA and Eye Protection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to evaluate workplaces and determine whether eye or face hazards exist. In 29 CFR 1910.133, OSHA outlines standards that also require employers to implement and enforce an eye safety program in which the employer provides safety goggles at no cost to employees. The eye protection that employers provide has to be able to accommodate prescription eyeglasses beneath or has to incorporate prescription lenses.

OSHA also requires employers to determine the level of light filtering that's right for each workplace. 29 CFR 1910.133 contains a chart that employers must use as a guide when selecting the protective shade of women's safety glasses. The chart includes workplace activities like shielded metal and arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, torch brazing and torch soldering, oxygen cutting and more. Each activity is accompanied by a number that denotes the minimum protective shade an employer must provide.

Employers need to evaluate their employees' needs when choosing women's safety glasses. First, how many women will be wearing safety glasses in the workplace? Will each worker have her own pair, or will employees sign for a pair of safety goggles at the beginning of each shift and turn them in at the end?

What's Different about Men's and Women's Safety Glasses?

Women's safety glasses are available in more feminine styles, patterns and sizes than men's safety glasses - all without compromising protection. Many of the women's safety glasses in EnviroSafetyProducts' catalog meet ANSI Z87+ high impact standards. In addition, we offer a huge variety of lens shades and colors; some are designed to enhance depth perception, while others are intended to filter out large amounts of light and are ideal for applications like welding.

What to Look for in Women's Safety Glasses

The right pair of women's safety glasses will provide extreme protection without limiting the wearer's field of vision or interrupting the proper fit of safety helmets or ear protection. They'll fit snugly against the head without pressing too tightly; when safety glasses are too tight, they cause discomfort that can compromise their effectiveness.

Affordability is almost always a factor in choosing women's safety glasses. Again, your workplace's needs will help determine which women's safety glasses you can consider affordable.

Ordering Your Women's Safety Glasses from EnviroSafetyProducts

Whether you're ordering Wiley X safety glasses for women, Pyramex glasses or any other brand, EnviroSafetyProducts is your one-stop shop. If you have questions about which women's safety glasses are right for your workplace, call our customer service professionals at 800-637-6606 for help. Take a moment to browse our extensive collection, and when you find what you need, we'll be happy to fill your order right away.