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The first self-retracting lifeline (SRL) being invented in Sala, Sweden in 1940. The DBI Sala SRL safety products of today are the direct descendants of those innovations, which changed the labor world forever. Nowadays an SRL is often referred as a self retractable lanyard or self retracting lanyard. Here you’ll find a collection of 3M DBI Sala fall protection products to fulfill all of your fall protection needs with one of the most trusted names in the business! We have a number of durable and trustworthy products that come with decades of field and market testing.


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  1. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Harness Hydration System 1150174

    SKU: DBI1150174

    Special Price $83.22 Regular Price $97.90
  2. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Pullaway Wristband 1500075, Large, 10 EA/Case

    SKU: DBI1500075

    Special Price $86.49 Regular Price $101.75
  3. 3M™ PROTECTA® PRO™ Concrete D-ring Anchor with Bolt 2190055

    SKU: DBI2190055

    Special Price $81.81 Regular Price $96.25
  4. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Trigger2Trigger Tool Lanyard 0.50" x 12.00" 1500054, 10 EA/Case

    SKU: DBI1500054

    Special Price $84.62 Regular Price $99.55
  5. 3M™ PROTECTA® PRO™ Construction Style Positioning Harness 1191210, X-Large

    SKU: DBI1191210

    Special Price $87.42 Regular Price $102.85
  6. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Web Adjustable Positioning Lanyard 1231016

    SKU: DBI1231016

    Special Price $84.15 Regular Price $99.00
  7. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Rope Positioning Lanyard, Nylon 1232354

    SKU: DBI1232354

    Special Price $86.02 Regular Price $101.20
  8. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Quick Spin 1500028, Medium, 10 EA/Case

    SKU: DBI1500028

    Special Price $80.88 Regular Price $95.15
  9. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Quick Spin 1500029, Large, 10 EA/Case

    SKU: DBI1500029

    Special Price $80.88 Regular Price $95.15
  10. 3M™ PROTECTA® PRO™ Construction Style Positioning Harness 1191208, Small

    SKU: DBI1191208

    Special Price $87.42 Regular Price $102.85
  11. 3M™ PROTECTA® PRO-Stop™ 100% Tie-Off Shock Absorbing Lanyard 1340250

    SKU: DBI1340250

    Special Price $83.68 Regular Price $98.45
  12. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Quick Spin 1500030, Extra Large, 10 EA/Case

    SKU: DBI1500030

    Special Price $80.88 Regular Price $95.15
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