3M PELTOR LiteCom Plus 2-Way Radio Headset, MT7H7B4610-NA, Neckband


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The 3M PELTOR LiteCom Plus, all-in-one two-way radio headset allows two-way conversation on up to 30 channels and has a range of up to 9,500 feet. Level dependent listening of ambient sound ensures you are not isolated from your surroundings, allowing you to still hear alarm signals, machinery and voices.
Designed for use in construction, manufacturing, processing, equipment maintenance, crane operations and many other applications in noisy environments, the 3M PELTOR LiteCom Plus headset radio helps your workgroup improve performance through better communications. It delivers the convenience of cable free operation, while providing the hearing protection workers need to help protect them from workplace noise hazards. The headset switches off automatically if it is inactive for more than two hours, to conserve the battery life. Notification of battery status occurs every time you switch the headset on. The external microphones also allow for face to face communication without removing the headset. 3M PELTOR LiteCom Plus Headsets have a separate input for connecting equipment such as cell phones or external two way radios. Meanwhile, you can listen to your favorite streamed music with first class sound quality. A hearing protector only provides protection when you are wearing it, so all settings and controls are designed to be intuitively simple, avoiding the need to remove the headset unnecessarily. A voice prompt guides you through the menu. As you speak into the microphone, the chosen channel is opened in milliseconds, so other users can hear you regardless of the noise level, providing seamless communication. Noise cancelling boom microphone for clear speech transmission in noisy environments.
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Brand3M Peltor
Family3M Peltor LiteCom
MaterialPolymer & Metal
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