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3M™ Speedglas™ Fresh-Air III Supplied Air System with V-300 Air-Regulating Valve and 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet 9100MP, 27-5902-20SW, with Hard Hat, SideWindows and Auto-Darkening Filter 9100X, Shades 5, 8-13

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3M Speedglas Fresh-Air III Supplied Air System 27-5902-20SW

3M Speedglas Fresh-Air III Supplied Air System with V-300 Air-Regulating Valve and 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 MP, 27-5902-20SW, with Hard Hat, SideWindows and Auto-Darkening Filter 9100X
3M Speedglas Welding 9100MP Welding Helmets are top-of-the-line welding helmet series that provides a comfortable yet all in one welding protection for a wide variety of applications and for highly demanding environments which includes projects such as Offshore Rigs, Mines, Windmills, Ships, Power Plants and Skyscrapers. The 3M Speedglas 9100 MP (Multi-Protection) Series provides safety & protection to a welder's head, eyes, face, hearing and respiratory system. Easy to use systems, these comfortable all-in-one welding protection gear are of high performance and has an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) assigned protection factor (APF) of 25.

The 3M Speedglas 27-5902-20SW is a welding respiratory protection system featuring the V-300 air-regulating valve. Its lightweight, belt-mounted valve allows the user to set the airflow to a personal comfortable level. Constructed with a regulator and will not warm or cool supplied air to worker. This supplied air respiratory system includes V-300 air-regulating valve, belt, breathing tube, complete helmet assembly with ADF. Welding helmet can provide overhead protection, increased peripheral vision, excellent optical quality and function.


  • Brand: Speedglas
  • ADF Shade Range: Variable 5, 8-13
  • ADF Viewing Area (H x W): 2.1x4.2in
  • Dark Shades: Shade 5, 8-13
  • Headgear Type: Hard Hat with Welding Helmet
  • Product Series: Fresh-Air III V-300 (Supplied Air)
  • Purpose: Welding
  • Recommended Application: Grinding, Welding
  • Recommended Industry: Construction, Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO), Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Sensitivity: 5 Level (TIG>1A & MIG/MAG, Stick)
  • Standards/Approvals: ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • User Type: Professional
  • Visor Type: Auto-Darkening Filter
  • Welding Features: Advanced Headgear
  • Welding Process: Grinding, Tack Welding

The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 MP features:

  • Flip-up assembly for grinding and prep work
  • SideWindows - Shade 5 side filters that increase peripheral vision
  • Ergonomic, adjustable head suspension for increased comfort, helmet stability and weight distribution
  • 3M Speedglas Auto-Darkening Filter 9100X with 2.1" x 4.2" viewing area
  • Selectable Shades 5, 8-13 and Shade 3 light state; Grinding and Tack modes
  • For use with all Stick, MIG, and TIG welding processes | Five-position sensitivity control
  • Adjustable recovery delay
  • Offers Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 25 when used as a NIOSH-approved system
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1 - 2009 requirements for Type 1 Class G hardhats
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • Earmuff protection available as optional accessory
  • Storage bag, welding cap and starter kit included.
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