3M™ WIBGET™ Heat Stress Monitor WB-300,

SKU: 3MMWB-300

Due to the 2019 Coronavirus, unprecedented demand has forced 3M to place respiratory products on global allocation. We are receiving rolling shipments on a continuous basis, and are working with our industrial, healthcare, and governmental partners to fulfill all orders. Please expect a 2-3 month lead time on all orders.
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3M WIBGET portable heat stress monitor is a valuable tool used by companies with a heat stress management program. The 3M WIBGET allows you to monitor certain environmental factors that may contribute to heat stress. At a push of a button, the WIBGET calculates time-weighted mean WBGT. Heat Stress Monitor provides you with accurate readings - displays to 1/10th degree Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The combined sensor readings of wet bulb, Vernon globe bulb, and dry bulb help in determining if the potential for heat stress may exist. Dry bulb temperature (DB) provides a measure of simple "ambient temperature." Wet bulb (WB) provides a measure of evaporative cooling including effects of air speed and humidity and Vernon Globe temperature (GT) provides a measure of radiant heat load including air speed effects.

WB-300 Monitor Kit includes 9v alkaline battery, replacement wicks, water bottle, verification module and storage case. 

Ideal for Foundries (iron & steel, nonferrous), Manufacturing Plants (glass, rubber, brick-firing & ceramic), Electrical Utilities (boiler rooms), Food Processing (bakeries, food canneries), Military, Storage & Warehouse Facilities, Athletic and Educational Facilities, Laundries, Chemical plants, Mining sites, Smelters & Steam Tunnels, Power Generating Plants (nuclear, fossil), Hazmat Companies (asbestos, spills)

  • Fast response time
  • Accurate to 1/10th of 1 degree
  • Can be used with AC adapter, rechargeable battery or alkaline batteries
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