Known as the world's leader in respiratory protection, 3M respirators offer the latest technology and innovations. Today, 3M's extensive family of respirators offers a full range of comfort, convenience and value. Respiratory protection from a company you can rely on for support and services.
3M Particulate Respirators
(Dust Masks)

From foundries to wood working, workers in many industries require protection from airborne particles and mists. Sweeping, sanding, grinding, sawing, bagging, welding - each creates a unique set of conditions, especially given environmental considerations such as heat and humidity. 3M's wide selection of disposable respirators helps you match the 3M respirator to your environment.

N95 Masks
These filtering respirators are restricted to use in those atmospheres free of oil aerosols. They may be used for any solid or liquid airborne particulate hazard that does not contain oil.

Suggested uses: Sweeping, Sanding, Grinding, Sawing, Bagging in a non-oil environment.
  • 3M 8211
  • Exhale Valve, Nose clip, Full Faceseal
  • 3M 9210
  • Foldable, Individually packed
  • 3M 9211
  • Exhale Valve, Foldable Individually packed
  • 3M 9010
  • Foldable, Individually packed, 2 strap design
R95 and P95 Masks
A filter intended for removal of any particle including oil-based liquid aerosols. They may be used for any solid or liquid particulate airborne hazard. 3M recommends that P-series should be used and reused for no more than 40 hours of use or 30 days. R-series masks should be used only for a single shift only.

Suggested uses: Grinding, bagging, sanding, sweeping in oil and non-oil environments and other dusty operations.
  • 3M 8247
  • R95 w/Nuisance Level Organic Vapor Relief
  • 3M 8246
  • R95 w/Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief
  • 3M 8576
  • P95 w/Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief
N100 and P100 Masks
These 100 Class respirators off the highest rated filtration efficiency in a maintenance free respirator. These 3M respirators are at least 99.97% filter efficient when tested with ~0.3 micrometer DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate) aerosol. N100 are for non-oil based particles and the P100 is for oil based particles.

Suggested uses: Ideal for certain OSHA substance specific contaminants including lead, MDA, arsenic, cadmium (excluding asbestos), additionally for welding, pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • 3M 8233
  • Non Oil Based N100 w/Faceseal and Valve
  • 3M 8293
  • Oil Based P100 w/Faceseal and Valve
3M Welding Masks
Welding respirators all feature the 3M Cool Flow Valve for greater comfort and easy exhalation

Suggested uses: Ideal for welding, torch cutting, brazing and soldering
  • 3M 8214
  • Exhale Valve, 4 Filters w/faceseal
  • 3M 8212
  • Exhale Valve, 3 Filters w/faceseal
3M Health Care Masks
3M Health Care masks are NIOSH approved N95 particulate respirators. They are FDA approved and are fluid resistant against blood, body fluids and other infectious materials.

Suggested uses: Ideal for laser surgery, electrocautery and other procedures involving powered medical instruments.
  • 3M 1860
  • N95, Fluid Resistant, Meets FDA Requirements
  • 3M 1860S
  • N95, Fluid Resistant, Meets FDA Requirements, Designed for smaller faces
3M Half and Full Face Respirators
The 3M Half and Full Face Respirators 6000, 7000 and FF-400 Series use interchangeable filters and cartridges. They are versatile enough to meet your current and future respirator needs. These respirators offer benefits, without limiting wearer comfort.
3M Particulate and Gas/Vapor Cartridges

3M 2071 - P95 Filter
3M 2078 - P95 Filter w/Nuisance level organic vapor/acid relief
3M 2091 - P100 Filter
3M 2096 - P100 Filter w/Nuisance level acid gas relief
3M 2097 - P100 Filter w/Nuisance level organic vapor
3M 7093 - P100 Filter
3M 5N11 - N95 Filter (requires 501 filter retainer and 502 filter adaptor)
3M 5p71 - P95 Filter (requires 501 filter retainer and 502 filter adaptor)

Chemical Cartridge:
3M 6001 - Certain organic vapors
3M 6002 - Chlorine, hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide or chlorine dioxide or hydrogen sulfide
3M 6003 - Certain organic vapors / Chlorine, hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide or chlorine dioxide or hydrogen sulfide
3M 6004 - Ammonia and methylamine
3M 6005 - Formaldehyde and certain organic vapors
3M 6006 - Multi Gas (Certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia / methylamine, formaldehyde or hydrogen fluoride)
3M 6009 - Mercury vapor of chlorine gas

Combination Cartridge / P100:
3M 60921 - Organic vapor / P100 filter
3M 60926 - Multi gas vapor / P100 filter

3M PAPR Systems

A PAPR is a powered air purifying respirator system that uses a fan to deliver filtered air into a hood, helmet or full facepiece. 3M offers many different PAPR configurations that are often used for healthcare, welding, painting and coating applications and other industrial uses.

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