3M Speedglas 9002V Welding Helmet

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3M Speedglas 9002V Welding Helmet

For welders handling a variety of amperages and different arc welding processes, we offer the 3M Speedglas 9002V Filter and Helmet. The Speedglas 9002V features the most versatile auto-darkening welding lens ever!

Choose from 61 control combinations to guarantee the most efficiency and comfort - no matter what you are welding.

Greater Sensitivity
The 9002's newly-developed detectors increase sensitivity to provide reliable switching for a wide range of welding methods, even extremely stable arcs like those from low amp TIG inverters.

Greater Comfort
The Speedglas 9002V introduces a new Delay function that lets you decide how quickly the filter changes from dark-to-light.

Examples of New Delay Function:

  • You are doing high amp welding on stainless, creating an extremely bright weld pool. When you stop for a second to reposition the electrode you don't want to immediately see the brilliant glowing light from the hot weld pool, so you set Delay to "+" to add time before the filter switches from dark to light.
  •  You are quickly making a series of tack welds. You want to be able to rapidly check each weld before moving to the next position, so you set Delay to "-" to reduce the time for dark-to-light switching.

Examples of Improved Sensitivity Function

  • You are welding pipe or tube with partially obscured arcs. (Or your hands are partially blocking the arc.) By selecting greater Sensitivity, you can get reliable darkening even with hidden areas.
  • You are using a new TIG inverter with settings as low as 1 amp and virtually flat frequency. Select a greater Sensitivity and the 9002's photosensors will sense the arc for reliable auto-darkening.

Choose from 3 Delay Settings
to match how quickly the filter changes from dark-to-light to the job. (Filter always provides full UV/IR protection.)

Choose from 4 Sensitivity Settings
to match the filter's sensitivity to the job.

Choose from 5 Shade Settings
to match the filter's shade to the type of welding.

Adjust with Gloves On
The 9002's new membrane-covered control buttons let you change settings or turn on/off with your gloves on. The membrane seals the filter from dirt. Much faster than analog knobs, too.

3M Speedglas Filter and Helmet 9002V Specifications
Light Shade: 3
Dark Shades: user-adjustable to 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13
Off (Fail-Safe) Shade: nominal 5
Viewing Area: 3.57" x 1.68" (91mm x 43mm)
Weight, Helmet with Filter: 17.4oz. (493g)
Battery Life (Average): 1500 hours
Operating Temperature: 23° to 131°F (-5° to 55°C)
Standards/Approvals: ANSI Z87.1-2003

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Brand3M Speedglas
Family3M Speedglas
Main CategoryWelding Safety
Country of ManufactureUnited States
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