CPA 30" Aluminized Para Aramid Lined Jacket Neoprene Coated Needle Punched Nomex


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Chicago Protective Apparel 600-AKV-NCNPN (CPA) 30" Aluminized Para-Aramid Lined Jacket

(CPA) Chicago Protective Apparel CPA600-AKV-NCNPN-(size) 30" Aluminized Para-Aramid Lined Jacket With Neoprene-Coated Need Punched Nomex
The Chicago Protective Apparel Aluminized Para-Aramid Jacket 600-AKV-NCNPN is a Safety Clothing designed with AKV, a fabric of Aramid Fiber Blend over a Fiberglass Core and Mylar Aluminized. AKV is resistant to Reflective Heat Sources and offers Good Thermal Protection. The AKV is a 19 oz. weight material made with an Aluminized Layer Bonded to a base of 19 oz. Core-Spun Aramid Fiber wrapped around Fiberglass Cores. The Aramid lends physical strength while the Fiberglass adds Heat Protection. NCNPN is a Non-Woven Nomex coated with a layer of Neoprene. It is recommended for use in Radiant Heat.

  • Brand: Chicago Protective Apparel, CPA
  • Style: Chicago Protective Apparel CPA 600-AKV-NCNPN 30" Aluminized Jacket
  • Design: 30" Jacket with Aluminized Para-Aramind Line with Neoprene-Coated Needle Punched Nomex
  • Product Category: Aluminized Clothing, Safety Garment
  • Materials: Aluminized, Para-Aramid, Neoprene, Nomex
  • Recommended Industries: Steel Mills, Foundries, Pulp & Paper, Glass Industry
  • Recommended Applications: Metal Sculpture, Cement Processing, Study of Volcanoes
  • Sizes: S-4XL (prices may vary dependent on size)

Note: This item is Custom-Made-To-Order. Please allow extended shipping as necessary for manufacturer. No Refunds or Exchanges. Sample Swatches of Materials can be provided. Contact our Customer Service for details.

    AKV Details:
  • Base Fabric: Aramid/Fiberglass/Mylar Laminate 1 Side
  • Weave Style: Plain
  • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
  • Thermal Conductivity, "K" Factor: N/A, (ASTM C-177)
  • Total Conductance, "C" Factor: N/A, (ASTM C-177)
  • Total Resistance, "R" Factor: N/A, (ASTM C-177)
  • Coating / Lamination: AL1 Mylar Aluminized Laminate
  • Solvent & Chemical Resistance: Good
  • Sunlight & Age Resistance: Base Fabric is UV Sensitive
  • Electrical Properties: N/A

***Aramids are often blended with other fibers for Heat Applications to enhance Protective Value. Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber are commonly used for this purpose.
***Note: Steam Suits recommend components that seal with one another. This item is designed with overlapping protection. A sealed system requires the use of Supplemental Breathing Air.
*** These style garments are to be worn by users who would intentionally enter a space where steam is escaping. This item is only intended to give a person a little extra time to get away from an Accidental Steam Escape.

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Main CategorySafety Clothing
BrandChicago Protective Apparel
ManufacturerChicago Protective Apparel
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