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New to Enviro: 3M Peltor H9A-02 Earmuffs

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3M Peltor H9A-02Enviro now carries the all-new 3M Peltor H9A-02 Food Industry Earmuffs. They are specially designed to meet the personal protection needs of food manufacturing workers when standard earplugs won’t cut it, all while adhering to industry regulations for hygiene. With a newly constructed headband and ear cushions, these 3M ear muffs are comfortable for all day use.

The food processing industry requires special protection for workers and these protective earmuffs deliver.

Headband – constructed with virtually zero creases that help reduce the risk of particle accumulations, which leads to bacteria growth. The headband rests comfortably on top of your head.

Two-Point Suspension – made from lightweight aluminum, the headband wire connects at two points on each ear cup that helps evenly dispense the pressure around your ears.

Low-Profile Earcups – smaller and lighter than traditional Peltor earmuffs, these ear cups have a low-profile design that increases comfort during long periods of use. The ear cushions and inserts are made from a polymer that helps reduce condensation and keeps you cool.

Foam Ear Cushions – two soft, foam ear cushions seal around your ears and provide the same high-level of hearing protection that Peltor is known for.
NRR 26 dB.

Washable Parts – the headband, ear cups and ear cushions are all washable and help promote good hygiene while extending the life of your earmuffs.

No other ear muff offers the unique features than the 3M Peltor Food Industry Earmuffs (H9A-02). They will meet the demands of food processing workers and hygienic regulations of the food industry.

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