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Ansell is one of our most popular and enduring glove brands, and we’re proud to distribute their best products to the working public, in a partnership that stretches back years. Millions of people worldwide rely on Ansell gloves every day to protect their hands from hazards, and the company’s reputation is well established. One of their crown jewels in the HyFlex line of premium general purpose gloves.


Designed to balance the needs of comfort, dexterity, and protection, HyFlex’s popularity is a testament to its pedigree. The line is structured around four “ranges,” which group them according to their primary quality. The four ranges are Multi-Purpose, Cut Protection, Oil-Repellent, and Special Purpose.


The Multi-Purpose range is a family of gloves that expertly balance firm grip, precise dexterity, and luxurious comfort for one of the all-around best-performing gloves on the market. It includes the polyurethane-palm 11-600, the nitrile foam 11-801, the “barehand feel” 11-818 and 11-727, and the abrasion-resistant nitrile 11-840. Each of these gloves has that balance of performance traits, with an emphasis in a particular area that serves a particular need.


The Cut Protection range is, obviously, where you’ll find the most hardcore edge resistance. Whether it’s sharp edges, abrasive surfaces, or sharps, different gloves are engineered for different purposes. This range includes the Kevlar-armored 11-511 (ANSI cut level 4), the 11-518 and 11-318 with Dyneema Technology Fiber (ANSI 2), the lightweight high-performance 11-542 (ANSI A7) and 11-541 (ANSI 2), and the dynamically balanced 11-644 (ANSI 2). All of these are top-notch gloves that will serve any worker well while addressing the nuances of their needs.


The Oil-Repellant range is similarly obvious in its purpose. These gloves are for slick and slippery environments, where their grip and their wear will last for years. The 11-920 provides optimal control when handling small oily parts, while the 11-931 is reinforced in typically weak areas (the unfortunately-named “thumb crotch,” for instance) that can wear down after extended use. The 11-937 and 11-939 are reinforced similarly, but widens the area covered by the polyurethane coating to the back of the hand.


The Special Purpose range contains two items, of which we only carry one. It’s an exciting one though, that will bring a new level of digital sophistication to the workplaces where it is used. The 11-105 is a touchscreen-capable glove. More and more companies are relying on touch devices to log and organize data. The problem is that in environments that require workers to wear gloves, they have to take the gloves off to use the thing, defeating the purpose of wearing gloves in the first place! That problem is addressed here with a special material in the fingertips that allows a screen to sense your finger through the glove. As clipboards are gradually overtaken by tablets, this glove will be a total asset in certain environments.


Ansell HyFlex is a next-level glove brand that any employer of laborers should be looking at as an option. We believe that these products are the cream of their crop, and we hope you find them as useful and exciting as we do.

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