Drug-Free Work Week

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Mark your calendars!
Drug-Free work Week 2008 will be held October 20-26

Held annually in October, Drug-Free Work Week is a public awareness campaign that highlights the importance of being drug free to workplace safety and encourages workers with alcohol and drug problems to seek help.

Drug-Free Work Week is an outcome of the DOL’s Drug-Free Workplace Alliances, a cooperative agreement focused on improving safety and health in construction industry through drug-free workplace programs. The first Drug-Free Work Week was held in 2006, and is subsequent years, more and more organizations-representing a range of industries-also rallied behind the effort, helping firmly establish it as an annual opportunity to reinforce to employers and employees alike that “working drug free works”.

Today, Drug-Free Work Week is implemented by DOL’s Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace program in collaboration with a number of National Planning Partners, including not only members of the Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, but also several Federal government agencies and non-profit associations focused on alcohol and drug abuse prevention and/or workplace safety and health. Together, these organizations help spread the word to encourage individual workplaces to conduct activities reflecting the true spirit of Drug-Free Work Week.


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