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Did you know you have access to a Free Consultation Program offered by OSHA? Well, you do! And many have taken advantage – the OSHA On-site Consultation Program made over 30,000 visits to small business worksites in FY 2010.OSHA Consultation Services

OSHA’s website says the program “offers customized feedback on potential hazards at worksites.” The program is “confidential and completely separate from OSHA’s enforcement efforts.” And the program “does not result in penalties or citations.”

What happens is a consultant evaluates your workplace conditions, practices, potential hazards, job safety and health programs. Then the consultant recommends what can and should be done to improve your safety and health systems, which may include an updating of the safety supplies you provide your workers.

OSHA also says taking these suggestions to the level of participating in SHARP (their Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) may result in being exempt from certain OSHA programmed inspections for one year.

This can be a great way to re-examine your safety supplies plan, job safety standards and employee health systems!

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