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Making Safety Fun

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Workplace safety is important, no matter what industry you’re in. It is management’s job to make sure all employees understand and follow the company’s predetermined safety procedures, which can be extremely challenging. Using games and other activities can be a fun, effective way to engage reluctant employees and increase safety awareness.

  • Safety Bingo – Bingo is an easy game that everyone knows, which makes it an ideal workplace safety game. There are two versions of this childhood game; one to use during meetings and one for ongoing accident prevention. Version 1: At the beginning of a safety meeting, hand out bingo cards with pre-printed safety phrases or slogans. Any time a phrase is used during the meeting, employees mark off that spot on their card. The first person to get a bingo gets a prize. This encourages attentive listening and active participation in the safety meeting. Version 2: Each week, employees receive a bingo card, and every day a new number is drawn. The first person to get 5 numbers in a row wins a prize. The catch is that any time there is an accident, injury or other safety problem, the game resets. This game creates a positive form of peer pressure to encourage safety compliance.
  • Safety Raffle – Another activity that can reinforce the importance of workplace safety is a raffle. Employees can collect raffle tickets by following safety procedures and reporting hazards. Every month, a drawing takes place, and the winner(s) get a prize. This game is great for encouraging individual responsibility for safety.
  • Safety Trivia Quizzes – Use a game show type format to quiz employees on relevant safety issues. Employees are divided into equal groups to answer questions. The first group to come up with the correct answer gets a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game gets a prize. Quiz games are great for team-building, and promote communication between co-workers.

Safety games and activities are simple, inexpensive, yet effective tools that provide incentive for proactive safety. They support an atmosphere of teamwork, and builds bonds of camaraderie. When you play safety games, everyone wins!

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