Gloves Made for Mechanics

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It is important for mechanics to wear work gloves when servicing an automobile to protect their hands from from contact with chemicals, burns and cuts. Mechanics Gloves are specifically designed for protection against the dangers of auto repair without compromising dexterity. While there are many different styles of gloves to choose from, it is recommended to opt for more protective coverage than may be required, just to be safe.

Before deciding which mechanics glove to purchase, it is important to evaluate you working conditions to determine how much protection you need. Here are some question to ask yourself?

  • Will I be exposed to hazardous liquids, i.e. oil, gas, brake fluid, ect?
  • Do I frequently touch hot engine parts?
  • Do I use hand tools?

What to look for in mechanic gloves?Mechanic Gloves

  1. Cut Resistance – find a gloves that offers the appropriate level of cut resistance. Gloves with reinforced palms made from PVC or Kevlar offer extra protection. Remember, there is no such thing as a CUT-PROOF glove.
  2. Heat Resistance – most gloves offer protection from burns when touching or handling hot engine parts.
  3. Full Finger vs. 3/4 Finger – determine the physical conditions your hands will be exposed to determine which finger length is appropriate. Full finger covers the entire finger, while 3/4 finger leaves half of your finger exposed to potential hazards, but also offer more dexterity.

Remember to always keep a pair of Mechanic Gloves in your toolbox.

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