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Pelican Memory Card Cases to the Rescue

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Pelican SD CaseAre you tired of losing your memory cards for your camera or other electronic device? Then Pelican Products have a solution for you. Pelican Cases, are now offering photographers and consumer electronics users, a Memory Card Case to keep their precious media dry and secure. So yes these cases are designed to offer protection, but I like to use them to organize and store those small memory cards. The cases are small and compact (about 4.25″ x 2.25″) and only about 1″ thick. They’re available for almost all media types: SD/Mini SD, XD, Compact Flash and for MS (Memory Stick) cards.The Memory Card Cases come standard with a silicon o-ring for a water-resistant seal and streamlined design with a high impact polycarbonate shell that stands up to punishing conditions. Additionally, they feature a strong latch that keeps the case closed after drops and hard knocks and a shock-absorbing liner that adds another level of protection for the cards. And remember that they are covered by the Pelican Products Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: You break it, we replace…forever.

Looking for Pelican memory card cases? contact us now on (800) 637-6606.

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