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Peltor Communication Headsets for Aviators

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Aviation HeadsetWhether you fly twin-engine prop planes or helicopters, Aviation Headsets are designed to drown out loud propeller noise, while delivering clear, unmuffled 2-way communications to your co-pilot, passengers, ground crews and airport tower personnel.

Peltor Aviation Headsets are designed with the consumer in mind. They are easy-to-use and plug directly into your plane or helicopter’s communication system. Airplane headsets don’t have any protruding features that reduce the risk of bumping against obstacles during flight and the soft, padded foam allows the headsets to sit comfortably on your head, even by the end of a long flight.

The benefits to Peltor Aviation Headsets:

  • Parallel connector – the speakers in each earcup work separately, so if one fails the other will operate as usual.
  • Noise-cancelling boom mic – drowns out unwanted ambient noises. The mic has a sturdy design with four positions for flexible communications.
  • Soft, foam-filled ear cushions seal around your ear for the best hearing protection Peltor has to offer. NRR ranges from 23-28 dB
  • Adjustable, padded headband that dispenses the weight of the headset evenly around your head, giving you long-lasting comfort.
  • Reliable Peltor electronics

Peltor Aviation Headsets are the #1 choice communication head set  by aviators all over the world.

Check out Enviro’s new selection of Aviation Headsets for fixed wing airplane pilots, twin-engine airplanes, helicopters with low-impedance intercom systems and airport ground crews.

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