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Peltor – More Than Hearing Protection

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Most environments have noise levels so high that they can cause immediate and permanent damage to hearing if protection is not worn.  At the same time, communication is of prime and vital importance. Before Peltor, workers were often faced with a decision, protect their hearing, with products like ear plugs, or communicate. That’s why Peltor headsets were developed.

Peltor Hearing protection offers a full line of earmuffs and electronic headsets for several applications that do more than protect your hearing. Not only do these headsets make your workday safer and more efficient, but also more enjoyable. You will be surprised what Peltor Headsets are capable of!

Peltor Electornic Headsets Peltor Industrial Headsets – Construction, agriculture, forestry; you name it, Peltor electronic headsets will serve a purpose. Most models are even available to attach to hard hats. Peltor AM/FM Radio Headsets, and Peltor Bluetooth Headsets are common choices for these types of industries.

Peltor Shooting Headsets

Peltor Hunting and Shooting Headsets – Hearing protection plays a vital role when shooting. The right equipment can help focus and hit your target at critical moments. Peltor shooting headsets help you do just that. These headsets combine excellent hearing protection with distortion free amplification of low level sounds.

peltor motorsports headsetsPeltor Motorsports Headsets – 2 way radio headsets are a champions choice for communication. Peltor headsets for 2 way communication offer crisp, communication in extreme noise environments. No wonder why they are worn by top teams of motorsport around the world.

Peltor Military and Tactical Headsets Peltor Military and Tactical Headsets – Clear and reliable communications are critical to success in most military and police operations. To be able to communicate while at the same time being protected from harmful noise levels is a vital necessity, both for exercises and actual combat situations.

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