Hexarmor Ext Rescue Gloves

Why First Responders Choose HexArmor EXT Rescue Extrication Gloves

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Hexarmor Ext Rescue Gloves

What Is Extrication?

Well, extrication can be defined as the tricky, and often a fairly cumbersome process of removing a vehicle from around a person who got trapped in it as a result of a road accident.

Need for Extrication Gloves

While it may not seem like it, but extrication is way more common than we’d like to believe. Moreover, it is also extremely dangerous, again more than we can imagine. Hence, it is not uncommon to see numerous first responders suffering from multiple hand injuries, especially those involving the index finger and thumb.

It is therefore crucial for providing our first responders and other personnel with personal protective equipment that can stand the harsh conditions, and let them do their job without fearing any injury.

This is precisely where HexArmor EXT Rescue Extrication Gloves come into the picture. Known for their reliable grip, cut resistant exterior layer as well as impressively strong interior layer, these gloves have it all!

Features of Hexarmor Ext Rescue Gloves

Designed Using Patented SuperFabric™

HexArmor’s extrication gloves interior layer is designed using the patented SuperFabric™ material, preventing any serrated metal sheet edges, needles and/or blades from breaking through the glove to cause serious injury to your hand. SuperFabric provides ANSI A6-9 cut resistance, preventing life-changing injuries.

Did you know?

SuperFabric® materials are made up of tiny guard plates that together create a cut resistant mesh that prevents sharp objects from getting through to the skin. This is what provides the cut and abrasion resistance HexArmor gloves are known for!

Enhanced Durability

Since extrication gloves aren’t exactly cheap, they ought to be durable! Thanks to the durable TP-X® palm with reinforced double stitched pattern, the glove last a long time and won’t easily wear out! Wear them comfortable that you can use them without being worried about unwanted rips, cuts, or frays. Simply put, these extraction gloves offer remarkable value for money! The durable TP-X® palm with a reinforced stitching pattern is ideal for the seamless use of the gloves in varied wet and dry applications.

Level 1 Impact Protection

The HexArmor EXT Extrication Glove has the patented Full Impact Exoskeleton™ with high-performance IR-X® smash guards that provides workers with ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 2 impact protection. This advanced design of the gloves helps dissipate forceful blows over a large area. What’s more? The reinforced index finger and thumb saddle ensure enhanced protection and longevity of the glove.

High Visibility Design

Visual awareness is an essential aspect in emergencies. The hi-vis-color scheme of these gloves ensure enhanced visibility during the dark, where emergency workers are often required to work. In addition, these gloves are facilitated with high-visibility elastic cuff that has a Velcro closure further enhancing the visibility.

Extrication gloves

Seamless Functionality

HexArmor Gloves are created using printed PVC synthetic leather palm. This superior choice of material ensures reliable grip in dry or light oil situations. Exterior and interior seams implement a double stitched core-spun thread. This offers further durability and longevity. And it’s not just the oil-resistant grip that these gloves offer, they also work flawlessly in cold weather, in wet conditions and other challenging circumstances.

Top of the Line Protection

HexArmor extrication products use various advanced technologies, giving first responders and firefighters the best protection available.

  • IR-X™ impact guards – For twice the protection as compared to standard impact gloves from the leading competitor
  • TP-X™ material – For additional wear capabilities as well as cut/puncture protection
  • Maximum Level 4 abrasion resistance rating under EN 388
  • Four different sizes for a guaranteed perfect fit

HexArmor has spent millions of dollars and many years developing solutions for the industrial market solving the toughest cut, puncture, and impact problems in some of the most hazardous jobs in the world. Now this level of protection is available for the men and women who keep our communities safe as members of fire crews, EMS, and first responders.

Easy Care & Maintenance

The HexArmor EXT Rescue gloves are machine washable and with regular washing can last up to 300% longer than gloves that aren’t properly cared for. Wash using cool water and then joss in the drier on the low setting.

These extrication gloves can easily be washed and dried when on the job site, just hand wash with diluted cleaner and then hang them in the sun until dry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hexarmor extrication gloves

How to know the ideal size of extrication gloves for me?

In order to ensure the perfect size and fit for your gloves, all you need to do is measure the circumference of the palm (except for the thumb area), as well as length of your hand, from the tip of the middle finger to the beginning of your wrist. Based on these measurements, you can find the size that best fits your arm –

  • Size 7 – Small – Palm Circumference 178mm – Palm Length 171 mm
  • Size 8 – Medium – Palm Circumference – Palm Length 203mm 182mm
  • Size 9 – Large – Palm Circumference 229mm – Palm Length 192mm
  • Size 10 – Extra Large – Palm Circumference 254mm – Palm Length 204mm

What is EXT Rescue® 4011?

The EXT Rescue® 4011 from HexArmor is a protective glove with the most protective impact-resistance system in the industry. It also boasts of a durable high-grip palm, and is know to withstand the most challenging operating conditions.


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