Smartphone App for Public Safety: Wildfire Pro

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Wildfire ProWildfire Pro is an app that provides detailed information about a wildfire incident.  Until now most of this data was not available until you arrived on a scene to discuss it in-person.

This smartphone app gives you vital information prior to arriving on-scene.  That way you can assess the data en-route and consider which wildland fire gear, equipment and strategies you will employ.

The app provides:

  • Wildfire incident data from FireWhat.com
  • Active fire perimeter mapping
  • Fire calculators with Weather and FDFM/PIG
  • Quick reference guides for Safety, Weather, Operations and Size Up reports
  • Fire maps with Custom overlays, Severe weather warnings and NEXRAD radar

Receiving this critical data pre-arrival will preserve more time for critical on-site decisions.  Wildfire Pro is available on iPhone and iPad.

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