How 3M PAPRs/Reusable Respirators Can Help Your Healthcare Workers

In order to look after your healthcare workers, it’s important to provide them with the right safety gear to assist them in looking after their health. As a responsible employer, you’ll want to provide your team with the best resources possible so that they don’t come to work each day fearing for their own health while trying to look after patients. The 3M PAPR system is a great investment for your staff, and today we’re going to look further into the benefits of providing your staff with reusable respirators to use while they work.

If you are responsible for enforcing health and safety regulations in your workplace, you are bound to be aware of OSHA’s regulations which also specify when PPE should be used. When it comes to protecting your healthcare workers, respirators are a critical piece of PPE for those individuals who risk exposure to gas or vapors. Once you’ve identified your workplace’s needs and the amount of equipment you need to invest in, you’ll want to find a comfortable and durable respirator that your team will be happy to wear day after day.


What is the 3M PAPR?


The 3M PAPR is a type of powered air purifying respirator that can be used in a variety of different settings. While you may be familiar with disposable respirators, there are many benefits to using a PAPR instead, and these can be used in a wide variety of settings. A PAPR will use its blower to push air through an air purifier and then into the covering. Common reasons for using this device include protection from chemicals, drugs, aerosols and some particulates. As a responsible employer, you need to set a good example to encourage your staff to look after their health by providing them with top-quality personal protective equipment.

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Benefits of the 3M PAPR for users

Before discussing other benefits of using this device in your workplace, it’s important to put yourself in your employee's shoes and think about their comfort and health for a moment. For individuals who have facial hair or wear glasses, they’ll still be able to comfortably fit this device over their face, and they’ll only need to shave where the respirator seals to their face.


The hoods and helmets also offer splash protection for the eyes and face, yet your patients will still be able to see the face of their healthcare worker. This allows your team to provide personalized service to their patients while still looking after their well-being and health. Many of the components of the 3M PAPR can be re-used and cleaned after use, so this is a great investment for your team. The technology surrounding PAPRs has developed greatly over the past decades, and now these devices provide greater comfort and a better design for all users.


A great investment for your healthcare workers

The modern PAPR systems available today, such as the 3M PAPR, offer many different features and benefits that you may not expect. If you work in an area of high altitude, they offer altitude compensation. In order to ensure that the battery life is good while on a long shift, the filter load and battery status can be easily viewed by the wearer. These devices charge rapidly and offer a long battery life, so you won’t have to worry about your healthcare workers needing to have multiple respirators. If your team experiences any issue while at work, rest assured that they’ll be alerted by multiple alarms if an issue was to occur.


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Find the ideal solution for your workers

3M PAPRs are a fantastic solution for a wide range of users, and there are multiple different customization options available. You can include a loose-fitting hood or helmet, and some PAPR systems have longer-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Your healthcare workers will appreciate having an adjustable airflow, and if they regularly handle hazardous drugs, choose a filter or cartridge to fit their requirements. You can customize your PAPRs to fit each team’s needs, and there are a wide variety of options available.

Before selecting the correct PPE option for your team, make sure you review the cleaning and wearing procedures for these items, to ensure it’s the correct choice for your workplace. Finally, make sure you have the correct policies in place so that your team understand the health and safety measurements that are being put in place for their protection. Constantly monitor and review the use of PAPRs to ensure you keep your team as safe and healthy as possible while they are working in challenging situations.



Frequently Asked Questions about reusable respirators


Is a fit test required?

One of the top benefits of the 3M PAPR is that no fit test is required before use. This is one of the main reasons why the use of PAPRs within the healthcare industry is increasing, as it means users don’t have to waste precious time or money on conducting an annual fit test. These tests usually take twenty minutes and must be redone each year, which in the busy healthcare industry is a luxury few people can afford. It would be an additional annual expense that as an employer you would be bound by duty to pay for.


Will I need to enrol with a specific program to use PAPRs in my workplace?

If you are planning to implement PAPRs in your place of work, your healthcare facility will need to have a respiratory protection program. This is specified by 29 CFR 1910.134. It’s crucial to understand the standards set by both the state and federal administrations such as OSHA before providing your team with new equipment.

Purchasing high quality 3M PAPRs for your healthcare workers will show your employees that you put their health and safety at the top of your list of priorities. They’ll appreciate the comfort and ease of breathing that’s available to them with this device and won’t dread wearing one each day when they are at work. With long hours and challenging working environments, healthcare workers deserve to also be protected, so play your part by providing your team with 3M PAPRs.

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