Bullard EVA Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System 20TPC Tychem QC Hood

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Bullard EVA20TPC PAPR with Double Bib with Ratchet Suspension and Solvent Resistant Lens Tychem QC Hood 20TPC
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Bullard's EVA is an Evolutionary Air System that offers workers a 1,000 APF (Assigned Protection Factor). This comfortable Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) has been formulated with direct input from end users and experts from the field. Recommended Applications and Industries include Painting, Chemical Handling, Grinding, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Welding.

  • *EVA1 Blower/Motor Unit
  • *EVABAT1 Battery
  • *EVABELT1 Belt
  • *EVASMC Battery Charger (Charging Cup & Power Cord)
  • *PA1BT Breathing Tube
  • *PA1AFI Airflow Indicator
  • *S18051 Clamp (holds breathing tube)
  • *20TPC Tychem QC Hood (Double Bib with Ratchet Suspension and Solvent Resistant Lens)

VISUAL FUEL GAUGE The easy-to-read fuel gauge displays remaining battery capacity at a glance. Wearers can check battery status at any time while using EVA.
ACTIVE FLOW TECHNOLOGY Another innovation from Bullard, Active Flow Technology automatically responds to a worker's need for more or less air flow. This intelligent system is continuously working to maintain constant air flow, regardless of filter type, hood type, filter loading or battery capacity.
DURABILITY EVA is powered by a long-lasting 10,000-hour brushless motor. Unlike other motors that can quickly wear out, this durable brushless motor is designed for long-term reliable use.
SINGLE FILTER EVA offers a single filter for easy use. While other manufacturers' PAPRs may require up to three filters, EVA makes it simple with a single easy-to-install filter.
FILTER LOCKING TAB EVA helps ensure positive filter installation with a single click. The filter locking tab notifies the user that the filter is in place with both a visual indication and audible click.

EVA was uniquely designed for all-day worker comfort. Engineers studied the motions, actions and requests from experts in the field to design the most comfortable and user-friendly PAPR on the market.
DISTINCTIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN The streamlined form factor of EVA makes it lightweight, eliminates bulky corners that can dig into the wearer's back and balances the unit's weight for maximum comfort.
SUPER QUIET OPERATION The ultimate in quiet operation, the EVA blower eliminates the hum and noise experience with other PAPRs.
CONTOURED BELT This dual purpose belt incorporates the best features of both decon and comfort belts. Developed to offer both generous padding and easy decon, the contoured belt is made of closed-cell chemically resistant foam and features a contoured design for extra comfort. Vinyl belts are also available.
TWO-SPEED OPERATION EVA features a two-speed blower, allowing the user to choose more or less cooling and air flow.

1,000 APF (Assigned Protection Factor) Bullard hoods are rated highest in the industry with regards to protection factors. Bullard provides up to date third party testing to customers, providing documentation that is scientifically valid and legally defensible.
MORE HOOD CHOICES With more hood choices than any other PAPR, EVA can be paired with loose-fitting facepieces, hoods and headband-free headtops.
A VARIETY OF USES EVA is NIOSH approved for use with CC20 Series and RT Series Hoods made from DuPont Tychem, the GR50 Series Nomex grinding hood, the FAMB2 Series half mask and the Spectrum Series Full Facepiece; offering extreme versatility. Uses for EVA include pharmaceutical manufacturing, healthcare, painting, coatings, grinding, welding and more.

  1,000 Assigned Protection Factor (APF)   Provides superior protection, as verified in an independent Laboratory Respirator Protection Level (LRPL) study.
  Fuel Gauge   Easy-to-read visual battery capacity indicator
  Active Flow Technology   Helps maintain constant air flow. Reacts to the wearer's need for additional flow
  Two Integrated Alarms   Distinct audible alarms for both low battery and low air flow. Alarm sound travels through the breathing tube to the wearer's ear.
  Brushless Motor   Durable, 10,000-hour motor for superior reliability.
  Single Filter   Quick and easy installation. Lower consumable costs vs. blowers that require up to three filters.
  Filter Locking Tab   Visual and audible indication of positive filter installation.
  Ergonomic Design   Lightweight, sleek and balanced. Offers superior comfort for all-day use.
  Hood Choices   Choose from more than 15 hood styles, including loose-fitting facepieces, hoods and headband-free headtops.

    COMPATIBLE FILTERS (sold separately)
  • *PAPRFC3 HE Filter (High Efficiency Particulates)
  • *PAPRFC4 OV/AG/HE Filter (Organic Vapor, Acid Gas, High Efficiency)
  • *PAPRFC5 Particulates, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Methylamine, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Fluoride
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Bullard EVA Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System 20TPC Tychem QC Hood