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Confined Space Equipment

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In a tight spot, there’s no room for anything but the most efficient and powerful confined space equipment. Suit up with fans, ventilation accessories and other safety and rescue supplies from Enviro to ensure a snag-free entry and exit from manholes and other cramped work areas. Our curated selection of compatible parts feature slim, streamlined designs so you can shed the bulk of traditional protective gear without sacrificing performance. From high-powered fan blowers to complete ventilation systems, find all the confined space equipment you need to do your best work under area constraints.

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  1. Two-Way Data Communications Link - IR Link


  2. Multi Gas Clip Pump - with Pellistor Combustible Sensor


    Special Price $799.99 Regular Price $849.99
  3. Multi Gas Clip Pump - with Infrared Combustible Sensor


    Special Price $915.99 Regular Price $949.99
  4. GCT IR Link Spare USB Cable


  5. Multi Gas Clip Pump Docking Station - Pelican Case


  6. Multi Gas Clip Docking Station - Wall Mount


  7. Multi Gas Clip Hi-Pressure Docking Station - Wall Mount


  8. Cordova Safety Fencing SF1201 Oval Pattern Orange (1 Roll)

    SKU: CRDSF1201

    Special Price $21.99 Regular Price $34.99
  9. Honeywell BW BWC2-H BW Clip Single Gas H2S Monitor


  10. CPA Refresh Air Flow System Kit


    Special Price $323.40 Regular Price $384.99
  11. Gasco BUMP-IT - Bump Testing or Single Gas Check


  12. 17 Liter Nitrogen Calibration Gas, 99.999% vol.

    SKU: GAS17L-114

  13. 34 Liter Single Gas (N2) Calibration Gas

    SKU: GAS34LS-114

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Items 1-20 of 121

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Working in confined spaces poses unique hazards. Enviro Safety Products can help you, as a responsible employer, mitigate risk and minimize hazards that your employees are exposed to. Our inventory includes confined space ventilation systems, manhole accessories and complete confined space systems including lifelines and winches. Keep your employees safe and stay compliant with federal and local regulations by getting the appropriate confined space equipment through Enviro Safety Products, an industry leader in PPE and fall protection products.

Confined Space Ventilation

At Enviro Safety Products, we’re well-versed in permit-required confined spaces and PRCS rescue. That’s why our inventory is brimming with confined space blowers that can help keep your employees and rescue personnel safe from gases, toxic fumes and other airborne hazards.

We carry both centrifugal and axial blowers, and all the accessories you need for your workplace’s ventilation needs. Whether you need a compact model or a high-output, industrial strength model, Enviro Safety Products has the right ventilator for your job.

Some of the confined space ventilation systems in our inventory are explosion-proof and waterproof. Many feature varying blower speeds so your employees can adjust the ventilation to improve their work environment and productivity. Each is designed to be used by workers in full PPE, like Level A suits and work gloves.

Manhole Accessories

Our huge selection of manhole accessories includes everything you need to keep your workers safe while getting the job done. From magnetic manhole lid lifters to economy work tents, Enviro Safety Products is your one-stop shop for manhole accessories.

Sludge pumps, submersible pumps and pump discharge hoses can help make your workspace safer by removing hazards commonly associated with water and slippery substances. We also stock other necessities, like confined space tent heaters that can keep your employees mission-ready when hip and chest waders or cold protection boots are necessary parts of their PPE.

Miller Complete Confined Space Systems

Ideal for permit-required confined space rescue or other confined space rescues, Miller complete confined space systems include tripods and mounting brackets to keep rescue personnel and casualties safe during extraction. With high weight capacities and strong lifelines, Miller complete confined space rescue systems can get the job done without compromising your workers.

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