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Dick Medical Supply 91019P3B Procedure Mask, Level 1, Black, Box of 50

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Dick Medical Supply 91019P3B Procedure Mask, Level 1, Black Color, Universal Size - Box of 50

This Dick Medical 91019P3B Procedure Mask is a level one, flat fold, triple layer, easy on/off ear loop mask with standard pleats. Featuring a black color, to hide dirt and grime and offer the end user a cleaner appearance. These masks hold up to your everyday life where masks are required. Look stylish and stay protected while wearing this black mask. Coming in 50 masks a box, this allows you to change to a new mask as often as needed to offer protection and hygiene.

The Black 91019P3B Procedure Mask is a flat fold, triple-layer, easy to put on and take off ear loop mask with standard pleats. This level one procedure mask is lightweight, comfortable and easy to breathe through. It is intended for use in environments with minimal fluid exposure. The black mask, offers a cleaner look as you go about your daily activity.

Other uses for this procedure mask include:

  • General patient care
  • Isolation
  • IC practices
  • Central processing
  • SPD
  • Clinics
  • Long term care facilities
  • Home health care


  • Latex Free
  • Universal Size
  • Easy to breathe through
  • Bi-directional pleats for increased facial comfort and fit
  • Color: Black

Frequently asked questions about medical masks

What is a level one mask?

A level one mask is a low barrier protection mask that is for general use. Typically, these types of masks are used for nonsurgical, low-risk exams and procedures. And these exams and procedures must not involve any fluids, sprays, or aerosols. If there is any risk of bodily fluids splatter, then you will want a level 3 mask.

You can easily identify a level one mask as it has ear loops, and is the one most commonly worn in hospitals.

What is the difference between procedure masks and surgical masks?

The key differences between the two are: where they can be used, and how they look.

Surgical marks are used by operating room staff. They are meant to protect the wearer against the high risk of fluid exposure. The mask is secured to the face with two straps, rather than two loops.

The procedure mask is used in isolation rooms, hospital floors, delivery and labor units. They are also sometimes used in intensive care units and emergency departments for bedside procedures.

To put it simply: procedure masks are for use in clean environments. And surgical masks are for use in sterile environments.

How do I know which is the right mask for my medical requirements?

When it comes to selecting the right mask for you needs, there are four things you should consider:


How the mask fit is obviously important. Even the correct mask for your situation can put you at risk if it’s not worn properly. For a mask to be effective it must cover your mouth and nose completely. It should also create a seal around your face to prevent any risk or inhalation exposure.


Make sure you have the right mask and protective wear for your current situation. This includes tapes and foam to reduce fogging issues and distractions; as well as protective eyewear and shield for your eyes.


If you are in a general setting, then a standard mask is fine. However, for situations when you are interacting with a patient infected with tuberculosis or there is smoke present, you need to use a high-filtration mask. For example: an N95 respirator.

     4.Resistance to fluid

Following on from the right features and filtration: if there is any risk of body fluids splatter, then you need to choose a mask that is fluid-resistant. For this scenario, you want an ASTM level 3 surgical mask.

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