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Chainsaw related accidents are among the highest incidents of occupational injuries. Our selection of Chainsaw protection equipment not only keeps you compliant with ATSM F-1897-2008 standards and regulations but also helps reduce the chance of injury. Elvex Chainsaw Protection Clothing includes Chainsaw Chaps, Safety Vests and helmets. Be sure to get a pair of Peltor Earmuffs to protect your hearing.


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  1. Carhartt Carbondale Gray AntiFog Lens Black/Tan Frame Safety Glasses 12/BX


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  2. Chainsaw Chaps - ProChaps

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  3. Chainsaw Chaps - ArborChaps

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  4. Chainsaw Safety Vest

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  5. Chaps Leg Strap Extender


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According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, over one third of all chainsaw injuries were to the legs and knees. In 2008, new regulations for test standards for Chainsaw Leg Protective Clothing were enacted. ASTM F-197-2008 raised the performance required for chainsaw test speed from 2500 fpm to 2750 fpm.

All Elvex garments are designed and tested to meet or exceed this new requirement while providing comfort and limiting excess weight. Elvex chaps feature patented Prolar protective pads. Prolar provides superior chainsaw protection by jamming the chain against the bar and sprocket. Elvex’s Prolar combines light weight and flexibility for comfort employees will want to wear. All Prolar chainsaw protection products conform to the new ASTM F-1897-2008 standards. Keep yourself and your employees safe with Elvex chainsaw protection!

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