Bloodborne Coveralls

Many diseases are passed through contact with Blood or other bodily fluids, and creating a barrier to coming in contact with those fluids is the 1st step in developing an effective protection and containment program. The Disposable clothing listed here have all been tested to prevent transmission of blood through the materials used.

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  1. Lakeland C1T150Y, C70150 ChemMax 1 Coverall - Sealed Seam - Hood & Attached Boots ( 6 per case)

    SKU: LAKC70150

    Special Price $109.99 Regular Price $182.71
  2. Lakeland HBF428 MicroMax HBF Coverall Attached Hood & Zipper 25/Case

    SKU: LAKHBF428

    As low as $115.49
  3. MicroMax Shirt - Snap Closure (50 Per Case)

    SKU: LAKTG201

    As low as $120.99
  4. Lakeland MicroMax Coverall (25 Per Case)

    SKU: LAKTG414

    Special Price $109.99
  5. Lakeland TG501 MicroMax Smock 50/Case

    SKU: LAKTG501

    As low as $127.59
  6. Lakeland C70110 ChemMax 1 Coverall -Sealed Seam 6/Case

    SKU: LAKC70110

    As low as $131.99
  7. Lakeland CTL301 MicroMax NS Pant (50/CS)

    SKU: LAKCTL301

    As low as $116.59
  8. MicroMax HBF Coverall - Zipper Closure

    SKU: LAKHBF412

    As low as $106.47
  9. Lakeland TG301 MicroMax Pants (50/Case)

    SKU: LAKTG301

    As low as $117.69
  10. Lakeland TG901 MicroMax Shoe Cover (200 Pairs)

    SKU: LAKTG901

    As low as $105.60
  11. Lakeland CTL201 MicroMax NS Shirt 50/Case

    SKU: LAKCTL201

    As low as $129.79
  12. Lakeland CTL501 MicroMax NS Smock 50/Case

    SKU: LAKCTL501

    As low as $105.59
  13. MicroMax Coverall - Zipper Closure 25/Case

    SKU: LAKTG417

    As low as $102.03
  14. Kimberly Clark Bloodborne Pathogens & Chemical Splash Protection Coveralls Blue Color 24/Case

    SKU: KCC45002

    Special Price $147.49 Regular Price $169.99
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18 Items

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