Protective Shoe Covers

Your work shoes get you through a lot, and on the way, they collect germs, dirt and the potential to disturb an otherwise sterile environment. You can shield them from your surroundings with heavy duty protective shoe covers and disposable booties. Slide on a pair of these work shoe protectors and transform your weathered work boots into safe, no-slip footwear.

Please feel free to browse our extensive range of affordable protective shoes.

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  1. Lakeland TG901 MicroMax Shoe Cover (200 Pairs)

    SKU: LAKTG901

    As low as $105.60
  2. Cordova 18 in Disposable Shoe Covers with Non-Skid Size XXL Blue Color (Bag of 100) 4 Bags/Case


    Special Price $34.64 Regular Price $45.99
  3. Cordova 16 in Disposable Shoe Covers with Non-Skid SIze XL Blue Color (Bag of 100) 4 Bags/Case


    Special Price $25.99 Regular Price $40.00
  4. Lakeland 901NS MiroMax NS Shoe Cover 200/Pairs

    SKU: LAK901NS

    As low as $175.99
  5. Lakeland CTL901 MicroMax NS Shoe Cover

    SKU: LAKCTL901

    As low as $94.59
  6. Tingley Boot Saver® Disposable Shoe Cover Black (100 Pairs/Case)

    SKU: TIN6330

    Special Price $205.79 Regular Price $293.99
  7. Tingley Boot Saver® Disposable Shoe Cover Red (100 Pairs/Case)

    SKU: TIN6332

    Special Price $205.79 Regular Price $293.99
  8. Tingley Boot Saver® Disposable Shoe Cover Yellow (100 Pairs/Case)

    SKU: TIN6333

    Special Price $205.79 Regular Price $293.99
  9. Tingley 6336 Boot Saver® Disposable Shoe Cover Blue (100 Pairs/Case)

    SKU: TIN6336

    Special Price $205.79 Regular Price $293.99
  10. Cordova 16 in Disposable Shoe Covers with Non-Skid Size Large Blue Color (Bag of 100) 4 Bags/Case


    Special Price $23.40 Regular Price $40.00
  11. Malt Industries 16" Shoe Covers, White 150/Case

    SKU: MAL2105-W-16

    Special Price $27.99 Regular Price $29.99
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Disposable shoe covers

These disposable shoe covers are made from heavy, breathable fabric, covering the entire foot in protection that works to keep out dust, grease and other mild contaminants. Typically manufactured in white and blue fabrics, these lightweight layers are a workplace must-have.

Cover up your work shoes the quick and easy way with disposable protective booties from Enviro Safety Products.

Disposable shoe covers give you options for protecting the surface you are working on and are used to protect footwear. Our disposable shoe covers come in many materials.

Our blue disposable shoe covers are a great option for light duty or short-term work, Tyvek shoe covers offer great durability and are often used multiple times, and our Tychem shoe covers off the greatest level of protection among all of our disposable shoe covers.

There are a variety of disposable shoe covers available to you. You can pick between size, color, and style. There are so many ways to customize you shoe cover, you will wonder why you haven't chosen to utilize the benefits to wearing a protective shoe cover in the first place.

Basic disposable shoe covers are available in blue and white and will protect your existing footwear, while reaping the benefits of no static and no dirt transferring with you from the sterile environment to or from the outside.

These style of shoe covers are usually around 2 millimeters thick. Also, disposable shoe covers are one size fits all and come with an elastic top to stay secure around your shoe. The basic protective shoe covers will protect against spills, splashed, dust and grease.

Heavy duty protective shoe covers

The more heavy-duty style of protective shoe covers is polypropylene shoe covers. They are usually 4 millimeters in thickness, which add double the protection as basic protective shoe covers, and are good to wear with boots as well as regular footwear.

These shoe covers also extend up the calf for total security. PE material is breathable so your feet won't sweat. The heavy-duty disposable shoe covers will protect from dust, spills, splashes, grease and some light chemicals.

Browse our selection of protective shoes covers today and keep your footwear and yourself protected.

What’s the most important consideration when buying shoe covers?

When deciding which shoe covers to buy, the most important consideration is your workplace environment. As with any personal protective equipment (PPE), you need to make your decision based on any potential hazards you encounter during the work week.

For example, a construction worker’s main concern would be the danger posed by either compression or impact of on toes and feet. So, in this case you would want either boot or footwear covers which include a hard-shell toe protection like steel. As well as sturdy safeguards for your ankles and feet.

If your job involves some sort of toxic substances or liquid biohazards, that would require different safety shoe covers than construction workers use. Which is why the type of hazard you encounter on a daily basis will determine what is the best protective shoe cover for you.

When are shoe covers recommended?

Protective shoe covers are recommended for everything from medical situations to sports and work. as we covered in the last point, the best type of protective shoe cover depends on what you need protecting from.

In the medical field, personal protective equipment is there to protect the wearer, as well as patients and objects you come into contact with.

Industrial laboratories also usually require shoe covers. These typically need to be chemically resistant, waterproof, toxic substance rejecters, and more.

Technology companies often necessitate clean manufacturing conditions. This is especially the case with computer components and chips, precise engineering instruments, and digital medical equipment. The reason PPE is necessary in this industry is to prevent contaminants that could be transferred to any sensitive objects.

Even certain sports can benefit from shoe covers, especially cycling and hiking. Sports that can take a harsh toll on your shoes.

Where to buy protective shoe covers?

If your looking for an exhaustive range of protective shoe covers at great prices, with fast shipping, Enviro Safety Products has what you need. Our shoe covers range from $24 to $206. The higher cost is usually for bulk purchases (up to 100 pairs).

For over twenty years, Enviro Safety Products have been providing the American public and military with top quality protective wear and gear. Our company has been a leader in online protective wear, priding ourselves on amazing customer service to ensure our clients receive the best service and products.

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