Flame Resistant Jackets

Flame resistant jackets not only offer excellent protection from electric arc and flash fire protection but also provide superior warmth and comfortability. Our selection of flame retardant clothing includes Nomex and Indura Ultra Soft Jackets. Choose from a variety of styles, colors and thicknesses.

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  1. Lakeland 51250 Pyrolon CRFR Jacket 6/Case

    SKU: LAK51250

    As low as $200.19
  2. Nomex Surcoat

    SKU: STANX6-636T

  3. Nomex Fire Resistant Lab Coat

    SKU: STANX4-645

  4. Indura Jacket with Banded Waist

    SKU: STAFRI-624T

  5. Indura Surcoat

    SKU: STAFRI-636T

  6. MCR Big Jake BJ38JH Flame Resistant Jacket, Nomex Type R Class 3 Hi Viz


    Special Price $107.99 Regular Price $118.79
  7. Nomex Jacket with Banded Waist

    SKU: STANX6-624T

  8. CPA 6 oz. Nomex Jacket

    SKU: CPA600-NMX-6

  9. Occunomix FR-JB Flame Resistant Bomber Jacket


  10. Lakeland 51730 Pyrolon CRFR Apron 12/Case

    SKU: LAK51730

    As low as $346.93
  11. Lakeland 51300 Pyrolon CRFR Pant 6/Case

    SKU: LAK51300

    As low as $230.99
  12. CPA 9 oz Indura Jacket

    SKU: CPA600-IND

  13. CPA Indura Flame Resistant Lab Coat

    SKU: CPA602

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15 Items

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