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High Visibility Traffic Gloves

Our Hi Viz gloves are ideal for use in hazardous work environments where high visibility counts. We carry multiple styles of high-visibility gloves including cow skin, goat skin, and pig skin leather gloves. Our High Visibililty Gloves are made by Ergodyne and Memphis Glove, and helps you keep yourself protected and visible. We also have a large selection of Work Gloves that can be worn on any job along with a large selection of Traffic Safety products and a full line of high visibility clothing.

  1. Hi Vis Pigskin Leather Driver Gloves

    SKU: MCR3440

  2. MCR Hi Vis Luminator Black Grain Pigskin Thermosock Lining Waterproof Wing Thumb 12 Pairs

    SKU: MCR34411

    Special Price $113.93 Regular Price $140.39
  3. MCR 36111 Hi Vis Goatskin Driver Glove 12 Pair

    SKU: MCR36111

  4. Hi Vis Goatskin Mechanics Glove

    SKU: MCR968

    Special Price $15.11 Regular Price $18.35
  5. Hi Vis Pigskin Leather Palm Glove

    SKU: MCR19261

    Special Price $99.89 Regular Price $118.25
  6. MCR 3211 Luminator™, Hi Vis Driver Glove, Grain Cow Palm, Orange Back Reflective Stripes 12 Pairs

    SKU: MCR32111

    Special Price $79.49 Regular Price $107.99
  7. ProFlex Hi-Vis General Duty Mesh Gloves

    SKU: ERG16312

  8. ProFlex 876P Hi-Vis Thermal Waterproof Gloves

    SKU: ERG16412

  9. Pyramex XSG Black Frame/Indoor/Outdoor Anti Fog Lens Polycarbonate Safety Glasses 12 / BX

    SKU: PYRGB4080ST-N

    Special Price $135.99 Regular Price $145.99

Does work stop just because the sun goes down? No! People are hard at work well after sunset in many different environments. When the light is low and you need to be seen, Hi Viz Traffic Gloves will provide the protection you need. Perfect for construction, heavy duty road work, and heavy equipment operators, these Hi Vis Gloves will work as hard as you do! Don't forget our full line of Safety Vests as well as our full line of other safety products, hearing protection products and our full line of breathing protection.

The Federal Highway Administration strongly urges highway workers to wear hi viz apparel, especially when working at dawn or dusk. The use of hi vis gloves and other high visibility apparel can greatly reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Keep yourself and your employees safe. Check out our entire line of Hi Viz clothing.

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