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Domes and Mirrors by Se-Kure ONV-180-26 26" Half Dome

SKU: SEKONV-180-26

Domes and Mirrors by Se-Kure ONV-180-26 26" Half Dome

These 180 degree Half Dome Mirror are used for a "T" intersection of a building. Ideal for industrial use. The view is similar to the full dome, but can be mounted at the end of an aisle where a forklift operator can see in both directions without needing to look towards the ceiling. Also a great security mirror for hospitals, offices and retail stores.

The view distance ratio is about 1 foot of viewing distance to each inch of the diameter of the dome.


  • 26" Diameter
  • 180 Degree Viewing
  • Pressure Formed
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent for T-Intersections
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ManufacturerSe-Kure Domes & Mirrors
BrandSe-Kure Domes & Mirrors
Main CategoryFacility Safety
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