Emergency Showers

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The selection of emergency showers and safety showers is a often complicated process. Employers must be aware of regulatory requirements and compliance standards associated with a safety shower. Guardian Eyewash Shower Stations meet ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standards for "Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment". Here is a quick check-list as to the requirements shower stations must have:

  • "Hands-free" stay-open activation valve
  • At lest 20 GPM of water flow for 15 min.
  • Shower must stand 60" above floor
  • Activation valve no higher than 69"
  • Water temperature shall be 60-100° F
  • Must be located within 55' of potential hazard (10 seconds)
  • Must be identified with a highly visible sign and be well light

Remember that your emergency shower must be continually maintained in order to prevent mold and bacteria build-up inside the pipes. The shower station should be activated at least once per week in order to maintain compliance standards.

For more information regarding ANSI requirements for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Requirements, please visit our resource center.