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Fire Extinguishers

Keep your property safe by storing appropriate fire extinguishers for your establishment. We offer a variety of Class A, B, C, D, and K Fire Extinguishers to fit your needs. Our Fire Extinguishers range from Dry Chemical, Water, Kitchen, Halotron, and Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers.


Choosing the correct fire extinguisher for different environments is extremely important. Using the wrong fire extinguisher can actually make a fire worse. There are 5 classes of fires, each requiring the proper extinguisher.

Class A: Class A fire involves materials that have burning embers or leave ash, such as wood, paper, or fabric. These types of fires are extinguished by removing the heat either with water, dry chemical, or foam.

Class B: Fires including flammable liquid or gas (such as gasoline, oil, propane, or kerosene) are considered Class B Fires. Various extinguishing agents are used for Class B fires.

Class C: A fire involving live electrical equipment is a Class C fire. This type of fire requires an extinguishing agent that will not conduct electricity back to the fire fighter.

Class D: Class D fires involve exotic metals such as magnesium, titanium, and sodium, and require special agents such as dry powders. Do not use a Class ABC extinguisher on a Class D fire, as this may cause the fire to intensify.

Class K: Class K fires are usually referred to as grease fires, and stem from animal or vegetable fats or oils. Class K fires require wet chemical agents with superior cooling capabilities. Do not put water on a grease fire, as this will cause the fire to spread.


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