Lockout Tagout Kits

Our Lockout Tagout Kits from Maser Lock combine and organize commonly used electrical and valve lockout devices for individuals or groups workers. Kits come with the most popular lockout-tagout products and are available with a durable zippered pouch or a lightweight carrying case. With our wide selection, you will have no trouble finding the Lock Out Tag Out Kit that’s right for you.


Master Lock’s Lock Out Tag Out Kits are designed to help employers create a lockout-tagout system that meets the needs of their facility. Personal and group kits are available in electrical lockouts, valve lockouts, or both. The intent of these kits is to help companies to meet or exceed OSHA’s lock out tag out requirements, and more importantly, to keep employees safe.

When used properly, Lockout Tagout Systems can save over 120 lives per year. Keep your employees and your company safe. To ensure your employees are trained in proper procedures, check out our Training and Compliance products!

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  1. Masterlock Electrical Personal Lockout Pouch

    SKU: MAS1456E410

  2. Personal Electrical Lockout Kit

    SKU: MAS1457E410KA

  3. Group Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit

    SKU: MAS1458VE410

  4. Personal Valve Lockout Kit

    SKU: MAS1457V410KA

  5. Group Valve Lockout Kits

    SKU: MAS1458V410

  6. Personal Lockout Pouch with Padlocks and Tags

    SKU: MAS1456P410KA

  7. Group Electrical Lockout Kits

    SKU: MAS1458E410

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