Minuteman Vacuums

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  1. Minuteman Bio-Hazard Vacuums

    SKU: MINC82907-00

  2. Minuteman Lead Vacuum

    SKU: MINC82985-06

  3. Minuteman X-839 6 Gallon Vacuum

    SKU: MINC80106-01

  4. Minuteman X-250 Twin Powered Vacuum

    SKU: MINC81455

  5. Minuteman X-839 15 Gallon Dry Vacuums

    SKU: MINC83905

  6. Minuteman X-839 15 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

    SKU: MINC83905-16

  7. Minuteman CRV Clean Room Vacuums

    SKU: MINC80704-01

  8. Minuteman X-829 Vacuum-15 Gallon Units

    SKU: MINC82915

  9. Minuteman X Ride 28 Rider Carpet Extractor Base Unit

    SKU: MINXR28

  10. Minuteman Tool Kit #30H

    SKU: MIN490007

  11. Minuteman Allergy Vacuum

    SKU: MINC82904-07

  12. Minuteman Mercury Vacuum

    SKU: MINC81015-01

  13. Minuteman X-839 55 Gallon Dry Vacuum

    SKU: MINC83905-55

  14. Minuteman Flammable Liquid Recovery Vacuum

    SKU: MINC87355-01

  15. Minuteman E26 Disc Brush Automatic Scrubber

    SKU: MINE26

  16. Minuteman X-380 Twin Powered Vacuum

    SKU: MINC80355

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We offer a large selection of commercial vacuums from Minuteman Vacuums. Minuteman Vacuums offers many sizes and configurations of Critical Filter Vacuum Systems for safety trapping and containing asbestos, lead, mold, mercury, nuclear waste, and other potentially hazardous materials. Critical Filter Vacuums are the safest and most reliable way to collect contaminants.


  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Explosion Proof Vacuums
  • Clean Room Vacuums
  • Mold Remediation Vacuums
  • Mercury Vacuums
  • Lead Vacuums
  • Flammable Liquid Recovery
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