Eyewash Stations & Emergency Showers

Emergency eye wash stations and showers are important for the workplace in case of emergencies. The OHSA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.15(c) states that when a facility has corrosives on-site, it is required that an emergency shower station or eye wash station must be available. For most companies, a portable eye wash or emergency shower station is the right choice. A plumbed eye wash station or emergency shower station requires ANSI-mandated weekly activation to verify proper operation and flush any buildup that may have accumulated. Mixed concentrate stations are known as, Tank Style Portable emergency eye wash stations, and rely on a mixture of tap water and a preservative. Some emergency eye wash stations could have a shelf life of two years without having to be changed and is roughly four times that of normal eye wash stations.

Eye wash stations and emergency showers are important for the workplace in case of emergencies. We offer a variety of products from personal bottle emergency eye wash, plumbed units and portable units as well as portable shower stations for emergency decontamination uses.  Guardian eye wash stations are industry leading and will leave you protected.

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