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Fume-A-Wand Kit With Butane

SKU: FOR1-6005A

Forensics Source Fume-A-Wand Portable Fuming Kit Black Color Compact Size - 1 PER BOX

This Fume-A-Wand™ Kit offers the most advanced design in butane-powered portable hand-held heating appliances with features never before seen! For use at outdoor crime scenes to lift a print from most non-porous materials and from a deceased body, it can also be used in the laboratory to speed up latent print development in a “cyano” fuming chamber. The fuming cartridge is designed to remain attached to the Fume-A-Wand™ for as long as the unit is in use. This unique cartridge design allows the expended pellet to be removed and a new pellet added quickly (each pellet is capable of up to four minutes of fuming time). A flameless catalytic heat source heats the CN-Yellow pellet to generate polymerized "super glue" fumes. The built in stand supports a hands-free operation in many situations, including inside a fuming chamber where it generates sufficient heat to develop a latent print in as little as 30 seconds. The starting trigger incorporates a safety to minimize accidental ignition and the unit is equipped with auto-ignition and variable temperature control.

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ManufacturerForensics Source
Main CategoryLaw Enforcement
Sub CategoryFingerprinting
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