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Multi Gas Clip Simple (MGC Simple) 4 gas


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NEW 4 GAS DETECTOR with 2 YEAR RUN TIME Gas Detection Made Simple No charging ever! No calibration needed! Detects H2S, CO, O2 & combustible gases (LEL) Save time never having to charge or service your portable multi-gas detector! Reliably test for H2S, CO, O2 & combustible gases (LEL)) with this simple-to-use & simple-to-maintain detector. Just turn it on & have worry free assurance of protection against toxic gases 24/7 for two full years.


Gas Clip Technology offers a Multi Gas Clip (MGC) with a battery life for months rather than hours!

The Multi Gas Clip comes in 4 different styles:

Note: The following information may vary dependent on choice of: Infrared Combustible Sensors or Pellistor Combustible Sensors.

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In most industries where testing for gas is used on a regular basis, some workers are required to charge their portable multi gas detectors for the presence of combustible gases: H2S, CO and O2. Unfortunately, there are times when workers may forget or are unable to charge the battery within their location. For this particular reason, Gas Clip Technologies has created a portable multi gas detector that helps to prevent this safety risk. MGC has the longest battery life of any portable gas detector out on the market.

MGC is designed with a battery life that operates for a full 2 months without a charge even without ever having to be turned off. Additionally, if the detector is shut down nightly, its battery life has the capability to last up to 4 months. The MGC with Infrared Combustible Sensor was systematically devised with a low-power photo-metric technology for the detection of the combustibles gases (LEL) using an IR source.

The MGC also eliminates the need to frequently calibrate portable gas detectors. It can go 6 months without being calibrated. That saves time and increases efficiency. Each Multi Gas Clip, IR version, comes with the following estimated key features:

  • 2 month battery life on a single charge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 6 month calibration cycle
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple to use
  • 100% quality control testing
  • LEL sensor (IR) does not require oxygen
  • Pellistor versus Infrared Combustible Sensors: Infrared Combustible Sensors save energy as it continues to recycle energy making infrared combustible sensors more energy-efficient and maintaining lifespan of detector. Pellistor Combustible Sensors do not recycle energy

Additional Information

Multi Gas Clip with Infrared Combustible Sensor GCTMGC 4 Gas: H2S, CO, O2, LEL
Multi Gas Clip with Pellistor Combustible Sensor GCTMGC-P 4 Gas: H2S, CO, O2, LEL
Multi Gas Clip With Infrared Combustible Sensor GCTMGC-2 2 Gas: O2, LEL
Multi Gas Clip with Pellistor Combustible Sensor GCTMGC-2-P 2 Gas: O2, LEL
Prop 65 No
Weight 0.5000
Dimension No
Manufacturer Gas Clip Technologies
Material No

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