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Guardian Equipment, the innovative leader in the emergency eyewash and shower industry, is continually expanding its product offering to remain the best resource for your emergency response needs.
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  1. Guardian G1200 EyeSafe Faucet Mounted Eyewash Faucet Control Valve

    SKU: GUEG1200

    Special Price $101.95 Regular Price $113.18
  2. Safety Station with Freeze Protection Valve

    SKU: GUEG1941

  3. Guardian Eyewash Station - Wall Mounted

    SKU: GUEG1814

  4. Semi-Concealed Emergency Shower

    SKU: GUEG1658

  5. Guardian G3800LF Shower/Combination Station Thermostatic Mixing Valve Tempering Valve

    SKU: GUEG3800LF

    Special Price $1,124.97 Regular Price $1,239.30
  6. 15 Gallon Portable Eye Wash/Drench Hose Unit

    SKU: GUEG1562

    Special Price $997.49 Regular Price $1,097.24
  7. Guardian G3600LF Eyewash Thermostatic Mixing Valve

    SKU: GUEG3600LF

    Special Price $610.91 Regular Price $673.35
  8. Guardian AP275-615 Flow Switch, 1-1/4" IPS for Safety Stations

    SKU: GUEAP275-615

    Special Price $510.74 Regular Price $565.94
  9. Guardian AP275 100 Combination Steady On Light and Alarm Horn for Safety Stations

    SKU: GUEAP275-100

    Special Price $1,075.59 Regular Price $1,085.69
  10. Wall Mounted Eyewash Station with Cover

    SKU: GUEG1814-BC

  11. Free Standing Emergency Showers

    SKU: GUEG1662

  12. Emergency Shower-Vertical Mount

    SKU: GUEG1635

  13. Wall Mounted Eyewash Station without Bowl

    SKU: GUEG1819

  14. Safety Station with Eye Wash and Hand and Foot Control

    SKU: GUEG1902HFC

  15. Guardian G1750P Eye/Face Wash, Wall Mounted, Plastic Bowl

    SKU: GUEG1750P

    Special Price $242.68 Regular Price $267.37
  16. Faucet Mount Eyewash Unit | Guardian Eyewash Stations and Showers GUEG1100

    SKU: GUEG1100

    Special Price $87.77 Regular Price $89.17
  17. Horizontal Wall Mounted Emergency Shower

    SKU: GUEG1643

  18. Safety Station with Stainless Steel Bowl and Cover

    SKU: GUEG1902BC

  19. 5 Gallon Portable Eye Wash/Drench Hose Unit

    SKU: GUEG1502

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Items 1-20 of 35

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