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Economy Safety Glasses

Offering a wide selection of protective gear to keep you safe is what we do best. While not purchasing safety glasses may leave more money in your pocket, it may leave you subject to eye damage when you are working in an unsafe environment. We suggest you shop Enviro Safety Products for a wide range of cheap eye protection that will guard your vision. We offer big name brands like Pyramex, AOSafety, and Gateway Safety that manufacture protective eyewear made from the best materials available.

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  1. Pyramex Intruder Clear Frame/Clear-Hardcoated Lens 1 Pair

    SKU: PYRS4110S

    Special Price $0.89 Regular Price $0.99
  2. Pyramex Intruder Amber Frame/Amber-Hardcoated Lens

    SKU: PYRS4130S

    Special Price $0.99 Regular Price $1.99
  3. Pyramex Intruder Indoor/Outdoor Frame/Indoor/Outdoor-Hardcoated Lens 1 Pair

    SKU: PYRS4180S

    Special Price $1.09 Regular Price $1.99
  4. Pyramex Mini Ztek Amber Frame/Amber Lens

    SKU: PYRS2530SN

  5. Pyramex Ztek Gray Frame/Gray Anti-Fog Lens 1 Pair

    SKU: PYRS2520ST

    Special Price $1.79 Regular Price $1.99
  6. Pyramex Ztek Infinity Blue Frame/Infinity Blue Anti-Fog Lens 1 Pair

    SKU: PYRS2560ST

    Special Price $1.79 Regular Price $1.99
  7. Pyramex Cortez Black Temples/Gray Lens

    SKU: PYRSB3620S

  8. Pyramex Itek Gray Frame/Gray Anti-Fog Lens 1 Pair

    SKU: PYRS5820ST

    Special Price $2.39 Regular Price $2.99
  9. Pyramex Cortez Safety Glasses-Purple Haze Lens

    SKU: PYRSB3665S

  10. Pyramex Intruder Gray Frame/Gray-Hardcoated Lens 12/Box

    SKU: PYRS4120S

    Special Price $10.95 Regular Price $19.99
  11. Pyramex Intruder Infinity Blue Frame/Infinity Blue-Hardcoated Lens

    SKU: PYRS4160S

    Special Price $10.95 Regular Price $19.99
  12. Pyramex Mini Ztek Clear Frame/Clear Lens 12 Pairs

    SKU: PYRS2510SN

    Special Price $11.99 Regular Price $19.99
  13. Pyramex Mini Ztek Infinity Blue Frame/Infinity Blue Lens 12/Box

    SKU: PYRS2560SN

    Special Price $12.99 Regular Price $19.99
  14. Pyramex Mini Ztek I/O Mirror Frame/Indoor/Outdoor Mirror Lens ( Box of 12)

    SKU: PYRS2580SN

    Special Price $13.49 Regular Price $16.99
  15. Pyramex Alair Clear Frame/Clear Anti-Fog Lens 12 Pairs/BX

    SKU: PYRS3210ST

    Special Price $15.49 Regular Price $19.99
  16. Pyramex Mini Ztek Gray Frame/Gray Lens 12/Box

    SKU: PYRS2520SN

    Special Price $18.00 Regular Price $29.99
  17. Pyramex Fyxate SB10210S Clear Lens with Clear Temples 12 Pairs

    SKU: PYRSB10210S

    Special Price $19.99 Regular Price $24.99
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Items 1-20 of 60

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Safety Glasses Features

All of these glasses are excellent for general-purpose use and fighting off excessive glare. Other features that vary by model include:

  • Hard-coated polycarbonate lenses for scratch resistance
  • Lightweight use
  • Unisex needs
  • All-around impact protection

We also supply colorful lenses and wraparound styles. Our sale selection of protective eyewear is perfect for those who need to save money while providing excellent vision protection.

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