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Face Shields and Face Protection

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  1. Paulson Faceshield, Bubble, Clear, Anti Fog, .060"

    SKU: PAUIM11-AF6F-

  2. CPA Window for 8-12 CAL Face Shields


  3. Bionic Replacement Visor - IR Shade 5.0

    SKU: UVXS8565

    Special Price $22.03 Regular Price $30.44
  4. Pyramex OTS Black Frame/Clear AntiFog Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX

    SKU: PYRS3510STJ-N

    Special Price $33.70 Regular Price $34.99
  5. Pyramex OTS Black Frame/Clear Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX

    SKU: PYRS3510SJ-N

    Special Price $28.70 Regular Price $29.81
  6. Pyramex OTS Black Frame/Gray Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX

    SKU: PYRS3520SJ-N

    Special Price $31.98 Regular Price $33.21
  7. Pyramex OTS Black Frame/Amber Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX

    SKU: PYRS3530SJ-N

    Special Price $31.98 Regular Price $33.21
  8. Pyramex OTS Black Frame/Indoor/Outdoor Mirror Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX

    SKU: PYRS3580SJ-N

    Special Price $31.98 Regular Price $33.21
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Wearing the appropriate face protection is essential when working in high risk environments. Face Shields are designed to protect the entire face (or portions of), from impact hazards such as, large chips, flying particles, fragments and other object that pose a risk. These shields are also designed to protect those working in laboratories or chemical processing facilities from chemical hazards as well. No matter what your application is, we have a protective shield that will suit your needs.

Some protective head gear with polycarbonate faceshields meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact Requirements. When a faceshield is worn simultaneously with safety glasses, worker gain even more impact protection when grinding, machining, wood working, sawing, chipping, drilling, riveting, ect.

What is ANSI Z87.1-2003? The industrial eyewear impact standard determines which protective eyewear meets certain impact standards. Protective lenses and faceshields must pass the 1" drop ball test. Faceshields that meet high impact requirements will be properly labeled with ANSI markings.

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