Uvex Tomcat Safety Glasses


Uvex Tomcat Safety Glasses are powerfully stylish protective eyewear that turn heads. Features a tight-wrap dual lens design with an eye-catching gun metal frame. Uvex Tomcat lenses offer exceptional optical clarity and superior peripheral protection from side impact. Uvex Tomcat Safety glasses are guaranteed to exceed your needs, choose from a variety of lens tint options.

Uvex Tomcat Safety Glasses feature SCT (Spectrum Control Technology), a term that describes the ability of a lens to manipulate light to reduce a spectral hazard or to provide distinctive filtration for specific viewing tasks.  Every lens is coated with a specially formulated resin to screen ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Tomcat safety glasses protect wearers from 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

The incorporation of IR (Infra-red) absorbing dyes are also applied to the Tomcat series of safety glasses. The gray lens will reduce solar glare wile at the same time allowing excellent color perception.  This color lens is ideal for construction workers exposed to short term electric arcs, where UV, IR and blue light are present.  This lens is also good for gardeners, highway construction workers, pilots, lifeguards and roofers.

Tomcat clear lenses are perfect for indoor or outdoor work and has a visible light transmittance of 92%, which means that 92% of available light will pass through the lens.  Uvex recommends clear lenses for indoor use for general purpose use.

The silver mirror lens on the Uvex Tomcat is perfect for outdoor work where glare and sunlight will cause fatigue and eyestrain.  The lens only lets 15% of visible light transmittance, which means that 15% of the available light will pass through.

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