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Face Shields and Adapters for Hard Hats

Hard hat face shields protect the entire face, or portions thereof, from impact hazards such as flying fragments, objects, large chips, and particles. Cleaning contaminants from polycarbonate hard hat face shields is easy. If you aren’t sure what type of polycarbonate hard hat face shield you need for your workplace, please call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at 800-637-6606. At Enviro Safety Products, our mission is to provide you with the best selection of PPE at the most affordable prices, so please, check out our selection of polycarbonate hard hat face shields, brackets, and adapters today. If you choose to use this alternative, remember that each hard hat adapter is usually designed to work with a specific polycarbonate face shield – most are not universal.

We offer great products with universal sizing that fits on the brim of most hard hats and accommodates a variety of face shields. Face shields are constructed from lightweight polycarbonate and aluminum for strength and durability and protect your eyes, nose, and mouth from many different hazards in the work place. We offer affordable options from brands like Pyramex and SAS Safety Corp.

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