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Safety Hard Hats and Bump Caps

OSHA estimates that 25% of the 2+ million disabling work injuries that happen every year are cranial, affecting the head, eyes, or face with varying degrees of severity. The devastation that can result from a head or neck injury is well-known and documented, ranging from concussions to paralysis to death. Ever since their famous debut on the construction sites of the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge, hard hats have become a modern icon of America’s rugged productivity. Today they’re one of the most important items to have in an industrial environment, where hazards from falling/swinging objects or electric shock are very real. Even tiny parts like screws or washers can generate deadly force when dropped from height.

Work safe from head to toe. Hard hats are your first line of defense and reduce the risk of severe and sometimes fatal injuries. We offer a large selection of head protection products including bump caps, chainsaw helmets, and more. This line-up includes numerous colors, many with high visibility shades. Our selection makes it easy to choose the right hard hat that best fits your profession.

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