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Hearing Protection and Electronic Headsets

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Hearing Protection Banner From ear plugs to ear muffs, hearing protection helps the worker maintain his hearing throughout his lifetime. Our popular Peltor Optime 105 line or our simple earplugs provide for shooting ear protection for the recreational, law enforcement and military user. The Peltor name, such as the highly popular Peltor Worktunes, has represented top quality in the area of hearing protection for decades. From our most sophisticated electronic hearing protection down to a simple pair of 3M earplugs, sudden blasts and strong noises will cause less harm than they would without these products. We recommend you study the dB rating of each pair. The dB rating simply tells you how loud the noises can be that the hearing protection product will be able to handle satisfactorily. If you are looking for ear protection for shooting, we have a wide variety of products and prices available and ready to ship today.
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  1. 3M™ E-A-Rflex™ 28 Banded Hearing Protectors 320-1000 (1 Pair)

    SKU: EAR320-1000

    Special Price $4.49 Regular Price $5.00
  2. 3M™ E-A-R™ Replacement Comfort Pod Tips 322-2001 (1 Pair)

    SKU: EAR322-2001

    Special Price $2.05 Regular Price $2.69
  3. DECT-Com II Battery Lid

    SKU: PELDC2031

  4. DECT-Com II Screw for Battery Lid

    SKU: PELDC2035

  5. DECT-Com II Screw for Battery Carrier

    SKU: PELDC2036

  6. DECT-Com II Antenna Ring Kit

    SKU: PELDC2048

  7. 3M™ PELTOR™ Microphone Post A44

    SKU: PELA44

    Special Price $5.99 Regular Price $7.50
  8. Peltor Optime 98 Earmuffs - Hard Hat Mount


    Special Price $13.49 Regular Price $17.99
  9. 3M Peltor H6A-V Optime 95 Low-Series Earmuffs


    Special Price $12.99 Regular Price $13.99
  10. 3M™ Windscreen SD-WS


  11. 3M™ Multi Position Earmuff 1426 330-3045

    SKU: PEL330-3045

  12. 3M™ E-A-R™ Earmuff Cushions, (Models 3000, 2000H, 1000) 331-3010

    SKU: PEL331-3010

    Special Price $9.99 Regular Price $12.00
  13. 3M™ E-A-R™ Earmuffs, Model 1000 330-3001

    SKU: PEL330-3001

    Special Price $13.99 Regular Price $15.69
  14. 3M™ 1436 Folding Earmuff 330-3044

    SKU: PEL330-3044

  15. 3M™ Peltor™ Hygiene Kit HY505

    SKU: PELHY505

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Items 1-20 of 47

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