Metal Detectable Ear Plugs

If your work environment can’t afford a contaminant entering the production process, then a metal detectable earplug is the solution for you. A piece of metal inside the earplug ensures that any mishap can be quickly resolved. A recall can be quite costly for a company. But this is a low-cost solution that can prevent such an unfortunate occurrence from happening.

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What are metal detectable earplugs?

Metal detectable earplugs are made to prevent accidents involving earplugs in the workplace. By scanning for foreign metals within the production process, a company can detect these earplugs before they enter the products. This helps prevent recalls and contaminations. These Howard Leight Fusion Detectable earplugs are a value-packed choice.

Why might you need a pair?

Whether you work in the food processing industry or a different business, you may have a need for metal detectable earplugs. If the potential for you to lose your earplugs exists – to the detriment of the company – then you would be wise to get detectable earplugs.

What kind of metal detectable earplugs are right for me?

The earplugs you choose should be determined by your particular needs. If you’re frequently around loud machinery, for example, you may want to invest in a set of earplugs with a high noise reduction rating. This should provide you with the level of noise protection that you require. If comfort is an issue for you, then you should look for earplugs that are shaped to fit comfortably within the ear canal. A tapered design should provide you with the comfort that you’ll need from your earplugs.

With other earplugs, the option to have an uncorded earplug is available. But in environments where safety is a pressing concern, a corded pair of earplugs is the superior option. Likewise, an earplug band is also a suitable choice in these workplaces.

Understanding the NRR rating of your earplugs

Every earplug you buy will be accompanied with an NRR, which stands for noise reduction rating. This rating is a measurement of how effective the earplugs are at reducing outside noise levels. The rating is measured in decibels. As an example, a pair of earplugs that reduce outside noise by 25 decibels will have a rating of 25 db.

Not everybody will have a need for the highest available NRR earplugs like these EARsoft FX Corded Earplug. For example, if moderate noise reduction is ideal for your purposes, then there is no need to seek out earplugs that block out additional sound.

Breaking down earplug jargon

You’ll notice a lot of jargon when browsing for earplugs. What does it all mean? Here are some quick explanations of the most common terms you’re likely to encounter:

Corded – These earplugs come with an added cord to keep them together and to help reduce the likelihood of them falling out. This corded pair of metal detectable earplugs also comes in neon for added visibility.

Push-in – This is an earplug style that allows for easy insertion and removal because of its shape.

NRR – Noise reduction rating

Inserting foam earplugs properly

In order to properly insert foam earplugs like these E-A-R Classic Metal Detectable ones, you must use the roll, pull and hold method. Begin by taking the earplug in between your fingers and rolling it, back and forth, until it is densely compacted. Then, firmly grab your earlobe and pull back on it to expose the ear canal. Lastly, insert the earplug into your ear canal and wait until it expands to fill it. This last step should take about 20 seconds, depending on how densely you compressed the foam material.

Buying earplugs from Enviro Safety Products

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