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Peltor DECT-Com II Intercom System

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  1. DECT-Com II Screw for Battery Lid

    SKU: PELDC2035

  2. DECT-Com II Screw for Battery Carrier

    SKU: PELDC2036

  3. DECT-Com II Replacement Antenna for Main Unit

    SKU: PELDC2041

  4. DECT-Com II Antenna Ring Kit

    SKU: PELDC2048

  5. DECT-Com II Mains Adapter for Charger/Holder

    SKU: PELDC2061

  6. DECT-Com II DC Power Supply/Holder

    SKU: PELDC2068

  7. DECT-Com II Ground Mechanic Cable

    SKU: PELDC2072

  8. DECT-Com II Dynamic Standard Adapter Cable

    SKU: PELDC2-5001

  9. DECT-Com II Telephone Adapter Cable

    SKU: PELDC2-5005-A

  10. DECT-Com II Motorola GP340 Adapter Cable

    SKU: PELDC2-5030

  11. DECT-Com II Motorola MTRBO Adapter Cable

    SKU: PELDC2-5063

  12. DECT-Com II PTT Transmitter


  13. DECT-Com II Battery Lid

    SKU: PELDC2031

  14. DECT-Com II Auxiliary Battery Carrier

    SKU: PELDC2032

  15. DECT-Com II Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack

    SKU: PELDC2033

  16. DECT-Com II DC Charger/Holder

    SKU: PELDC2064

  17. DECT-Com II ICOM Straight Connector Adapter Cable

    SKU: PELDC2-5010

  18. DECT-Com II Intercom System - Portable Unit

    SKU: PELDC2911

  19. DECT-Com II Intercom System - Base/Portable Unit

    SKU: PELDC2912

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The DECT Intercom system allows the user hands free radio communication with a group of up to 9 simultaneous talkers, and up to 40 listeners all with one DECT-COM II base unit. The DECT system can reach ranges of up to 300m (600-700 feet) outdoors, and works with all peltor headsets and earmuffs.


Easily setup, and with a voice announcement system that lets you know when you are connected, this full duplex intercom system is a great way to network your staff together on a busy work-site, noisy work area, or construction site.

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