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3M Peltor Military & Tactical Communications

3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ and Swat-Tac™ headsets incorporate PELTOR's innovative surround technology, making the brand the worldwide leader in electronic headset, hearing protection and hands-free communication.  PELTOR tactical headsets come in two different models, the ComTac and Swat-Tac. Use these models in a variety of missions and situations. These tactical headsets are made to the highest standards of quality, you can expect them to be highly reliable in most situation. The ComTac & Swat-Tac line remain the most trusted line of tactical operations headsets.

Peltor ComTac V Military
Swat Tac V Military
Peltor Comtac VI Military
SwatTac VI Military
Peltor Tactical Military
3M-Peltor Aviation Military

Tactical Communication Made Easy

PELTOR™ ComTac™ tactical headsets provide the clearest ambient listening ability with talk-through capabilities. These models provide quick suppression of dangerous impact noise and no other variety fits more comfortably under ballistic and military helmets. Most headsets come equipment with a flexible boom microphone that does not pick up on loud background noises, including helicopters and gunfire. These products come standard with NATO wiring and some require an In-Line PTT adapter for two-way communications. The large, soft foam ear cups are comfortable for all-day use. These PELTOR™ headsets are specifically designed for military and SWAT operations and feature a fully adjustable headband that will fit any head size and can be worn with PASGT, MICH, and ACH helmet systems.


The ComTac™ V is designed for military and law enforcement. The ComTac™ V is compatible with most helmets and offers clear and concise two-way communication. Rugged and reliable the ComTac™ V offers military personnel the hearing safety, and communication they need on the battlefield.


The ComTac™ VI has been designed for military and law enforcement. The PELTOR™ ComTac™ is designed to handle the toughest conditions where electronic haring protection is needed. With new omni-directional microphones, high fidelity speakers, and a new digital signal processor that improve the overall sound quality of the headset, which enables you to have optimal communication when you need it most.

PELTOR™ Swat-Tac™ V

The Swat-Tac™ V offers a sleek design great for law enforcement in citywide situations. Sleek black the Swat-Tac™ V has clear and concise two-way communication allowing for your tactical team to be able to communicate quickly and clearly when it is needed. Used by law enforcement nationwide, the Swat-Tac™ V offers unparalleled communication and hearing protection.

Peltor™ Swat-Tac™ VI

The Swat-Tac™ VI line has all new digital signal processing circuitry and new transmit microphones. The Swat-Tac™ VI also features Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB), which enables short-range, headset-to-headset communication in noisy environments without needing the use of an external communications radio. This is a great feature when being used in an urban city setting in small tactical teams.

PELTOR™ Tactical Earplugs

PELTOR™ tactical earplugs are designed to protect your hearing, while giving the end user situational awareness. 3M™ has upgraded to the TEP-200 model. Comfortable easy to use and wear these tactical earplugs keeps you in communication with your team no matter the situation.

PELTOR™ Aviation

PELTOR™ offers people working with America's warplanes protection they need as they send our planes into the skies. Whether landing planes on a flight deck, or on a base keep visible and protected with PELTOR™ electronic headsets, and passive headsets.

PELTOR Hygiene Kits

PELTOR™ hygiene kits, keep your PELTOR™ headsets longer lasting. By switching out the ear cushions and foam inserts, you extend the life of your PELTOR™ electronic hearing protection.  There are options for both electronic hearing and passive earmuffs. Keep clean and safe today!

3M™ PELTOR™ Push-To-Talk (PTT) & Boom Microphones

PELTOR™ also has a series of accessories that work with the ComTac™, and Swat-Tac™. These accessories allow the headsets to hook up with various radios from leading brands such as Motorola and Kenwood. They also offer NATO Wiring so that the ComTac™ can be deployed in situations that involve NATO forces from around the world, always enabling clear concise communication.

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